Super Salt! Over 50 Ways To Use Salt

Super Salt! Over 50 Ways To Use Salt

Super Salt! Over 50 Ways To Use Salt
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Until recently, like most people, I never gave much thought to ordinary table salt. A sprinkle across my eggs in the morning, a dash on this dish or that. That was before a friend of mine showed me a few uses for salt around the house that absolutely blew me away! The more I looked into this magnificent mineral, the more uses I found for it, way beyond cooking. Following are better than 50 household uses I’ve come up with for common iodized salt.

In the Kitchen

Cast Iron Cleaner
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Blister-Free Bacon:

To protect yourself from the sting of “grease bees”, add a bit of salt to the pan before cooking bacon. Splattering is all but eliminated!

Beet Beater:

To remove stains after working with beets, wash your hands with a little salt and dish soap.

Cast Iron Cleaner:

For a simple way to clean cast iron cookware, just shake salt around in the pan and wipe clean.

Calmer Coffee:

Add a pinch of salt to ease bitterness.

Egg Messes:

Salt is a great helper if you’ve got an egg spill. Simply cover the spill with salt before wiping up.

Fish Frying:

Salt in the pan before cooking fish will prevent sticking.

Glassware Cleaner:

A mix of 8:1 vinegar to salt will remove stains and discoloration from glassware.

Grease Fires:

Salt is a natural extinguisher, simply pour it onto a grease fire.

Hand Deodorizer:

Food odors are no match for a rub of salt on your hands before washing!

Milk Preservative:

Milk lasts a bit longer if you add a pinch of salt to it after opening.

Oven Cleaner:

Spills and odors are easily treated with a mix of 6:1 salt and cinnamon. Simply sprinkle onto spills in a hot oven and wipe away when cool!

Refrigerator Refresher:

A mixture of salt in club soda makes a great cleaner and deodorizer.

Shaker Helper:

to keep your salt shaker from clogging up, place several grains of uncooked rice in the shaker or a small piece of paper towel in the bottom. Either method will absorb excess moisture that causes clumping.

Salt-a-holic Help:

If you got a little heavy-handed with salt in your sauce, peel and quarter a potato and add to the pot to absorb excess salt.

Vegetable Cleaner :

A quick bath in salt water and a rinse is an easy and effective way to clean your market vegetables.

Health & Beauty Uses

Eye Easer
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Acne Treatment:

Calm the redness and irritation of small breakouts with a simple solution. Dip a cotton ball in hot salt water and hold on the area for a few minutes.

Dandruff Buster:

By simply rubbing salt into your scalp before shampooing as normal, you can forget flakes.

DIY Shampoo:

For an effective dry shampoo, mix 8:1 corn meal and salt. Apply it to your hair and brush away to freshen and reduce oiliness.

Eye Easer:

To reduce swelling and redness around eyes, dip cotton balls in hot salt water and hold them on the affected area for 2-3 minutes.

Poison Ivy Relief:

A warm salt water bath is a sweet dose of relief to the itching and irritation caused by poison ivy.

Skin Scrub:

A mix of kosher salt and water can make a great natural skin exfoliator.

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