50 Practical Uses for Coca-cola

50 Practical Uses for Coca-cola

50 Inventive Ways to Use the World’s Most Popular Beverage Around Your Home

Cleaning & Industrial Uses

Floor Cleaner

Window Wash:

Citric acid, one of the key components in Coke, is widely used for cleaning glass. As such, Coca Cola makes an inexpensive window cleaner. Simply soak a cloth with Coke and rub your window with it and then wash the glass pane with water to remove sticky residue.

Clothes Cleaner:

Believe it or not, Coke will actually help dissolve greasy stains on clothes. So the next time you spill salad dressing or gravy on your nice clothing, mix a can of coke with your regular detergent to clean the stains away.

Countertop Cleaner:

Kitchens tend to get grimy. A simple can of coke can help clean up grease and oil stains from your counter and stove. Follow up with water to remove stickiness.

Floor Cleaner:

Kitchens, bathrooms, Coke does it all! For a sparkling clean floor, dump a can of coke in a bucket of water and use it to clean and brighten.

Garage Degreaser:

Got stubborn oil and grease stains tainting the appearance of your garage? Just soak the areas in coke and let stand for about ten minutes before washing with water. Those slick and unsightly spots will be gone before you know it!

Burned Utensil Cleaner:

When your grill tongs are looking a bit well-done, simply soak them in coke for about a half hour. The acids in the Coke will break down and loosen the scorched food residue.

Coin Cleaner:

To shine up an old coin collection, just drop them in coke for a few minutes and then rinse with clean water and dry.

Rust Remover:

Light rust on iron is no match for a simple can of Coke. Let soak for a few hours then scrub with a scouring pad to restore your iron to good-as-new condition.

Clean Blood from Clothes:

Coke can help break down blood stains. Simply add coke to your regular detergent and wash cycle to remove blood stains with no trouble.

Copper Cleaner:

Coke can help reduce and remove tarnish from copper. Just soak in Coke to let the acid break down the stains on your precious metals.

Kettle De-Scaler:

Again, the acids in Coke can do wonders for lime scale buildup in your electric kettle. Boil coke inside for a few minutes, then scrub and rinse with water.

Tub Cleaner:

The acid in Coke also helps destroy lime scale in bathtubs. Just pour coke over affected surfaces from granite, to tile, and even plastic.

Gasoline Odor Neutralizer:

A slip-up at the pump or a messy day in the garage can easily be washed away thanks to the good people at Coca Cola. Just add a can to your washer when cleaning smelly clothes for a cheap and easy remedy.

Bug Off:

Bugs and bug smears can be easily removed from your windshield by scrubbing them with a little Coke. Try to keep off of painted surfaces, however.

Silver Cleaner:

To clean silver cookware and jewelry, just soak them in Coke for a few minutes and then rinse with water. The Coke will help break down oily dirt and stains while not harming the silver.

Engine Cleaner:

Phosphoric acid in Coca Cola is an effective degreaser. Rumors imply that Coke distributors often use the product to clean the engines of their delivery trucks.

Cleans Battery Terminals:

The acid in Coke makes a great and simple way to break down basic corrosion on battery terminals and cables. Simply pour a little Coke on crusty terminals to improve the effectiveness of your charging system.

Gum Remover:

Chewing gum misplaced on shoes, clothing, and hair can be easily fixed with a little Coke. Simply pour it on the gum and let set for a few minutes before gently scraping away.

Skunk Odor Eater:

The nasty chemicals in skunk spray can be effectively broken down with a quick shower of coke before bathing as normal.

Chrome Polish:

To clean chrome objects, put some aluminum foil in a sink, add your chrome, then cover with Coke to dissolve rust and stains and make your chrome glow!


You can use Coke to eliminate pests like slugs and snails from your garden. The acid content will kill pests when they try to help themselves to your refreshments.

Car Window Defroster:

Cheaper than de-icing fluid, try pouring coke over your frosted windows to bust up frost. The liquid will quickly melt and clear the glass.

Paint Remover:

To break down paint on metal surfaces, just pour coke on it and let it sit for a while. The acid will break down the paint and make it easy to scrape away.

Wasp Control:

Wasps can’t help but to help themselves to a bowl of Coke in your backyard. Too bad for them, the acid content of the soft drink will kill them before they get a chance to come back for seconds.

Marker Stain Remover:

A little Coke can help break down marker stains in carpeting and clothing. Just pour it on, leave it for a few minutes, then clean up with soap and water.

Compost Boost:

Sugars in Coca Cola are natural attractors for microorganisms while acids additionally help to break down the materials used in compost. So in your organic compost bin, feel free to dump a little Coke in for an occasional breakdown booster!

Better Gardens:

Certain plants that grow in acidic soil such as bergenia, fox glove, astilebe, azaleas, and bog rosemary can be greatly helped by pouring a bit of Coke around them to reduce the soil pH.

Antiquing Documents:

To help a photo or document get that “old-time” effect, spray it with a little Coke and wipe dry after a few minutes.

Tooth Disposal:

It’s true. Soaking your children’s baby teeth in a can of coke will dissolve them to nothing within a matter of days. All the more incentive to bolster your brushing regimen after enjoying this tasty beverage!

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