50 Practical Uses for Coca-cola

50 Practical Uses for Coca-cola

50 Inventive Ways to Use the World’s Most Popular Beverage Around Your Home
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Originally invented in the 19th century as a medicinal cure for hangovers, Coca Cola was simply named for two of its key ingredients, kola nuts and coca leaves (a source of cocaine). The modern formula is kept secret by the Coca Cola Company, but it no doubt is similar to most other commercial cola flavored soft drinks.

For most of my life Coca Cola was just a refreshing drink. A few years ago I had a friend advise me that a great way to clear a slow drain is to dump a can of Coke down it. Well recently I have come to realize that there are a multitude of ways to use this tasty concoction around your home, as everything from a floor cleaner to a metal restorer.

Following are 50 unique ways to utilize Coca Cola around the home… After reading you may want to not only stock up on this impressive chemical concoction, but also make a mental note to brush your teeth thoroughly after the next time you drink it!

Food & Beverage Uses

Meat Tenderizer:
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Cocktails & Kiddie Cocktails:

What adult doesn’t love a good rum & Coke? There are a huge variety of cocktail recipes made by blending Coca Cola with vodka, rum, whiskey, and other libations. You can also make tasty and fun kiddie cocktails with Coke and fruit juices.

Barbecue Booster:

To jazz up the flavor of your homemade barbecue sauce, try simply adding a cup of Coke to your ingredients for a dark and sweet boost!

Coke Cake:

For an extra moist and delicious chocolate cake, add a bit of Coca Cola to the batter before baking.

Meat Tenderizer:

You can reduce cooking time and tenderize marinated meats by adding Coke to the mix. The carbon dioxide content helps loosen up the meat fibers.

Ham Glaze:

Coke caramelizes nicely and provides a sweet and dark punch to a baked ham. Simply use Coca Cola in place of honey or brown sugar.

Health & Beauty Uses

Kidney Stones
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When flat, Coca Cola is as effective as traditional ginger ale at soothing nausea. A sip or two of coke when “on the verge”, can really help.

Soothes Upset Stomach:

For sickness or your standard tummy ache, a few fizzy sips of Coke can help replace fluid and electrolytes being lost by the body.

Stops Stomach Blockages:

The acid in Coca Cola is similar to that of gastric acid, actually, Coke is often used by doctors to help break down fibrous stomach blockages.

Indigestion Ender

Coca Cola can be used to treat indigestion. The carbonated soda can partially neutralize stomach acid and give some relief.

Hiccup Helper:

The only real way to treat hiccups is to interrupt the hiccup cycle. The next time you find yourself suffering from these spasms, try holding your breath and quickly drinking a glass of Coke when you are about to hiccup.

Soothes Sore Throats

The best way to ease a sore throat is to keep it moist. Room temperature Coke can be an especially soothing way to accomplish this.

Reduces Kidney Stones:

Studies have shown that Diet Coke actually decreases the risk of developing kidney stones. Basically, Diet Coke increases alkalinity of the urine by preventing excess calcium and oxalate from binding as they do to cause this painful condition. If you are looking for more natural ways to reduce kidney stones you should check out my very popualr article called 6 All Natural Kidney Stone Remedies

Wheat Allergy Relief:

Phosphoric acid in Coca Cola is believed to break down allergens and prevent reactions in people susceptible to wheat allergies.

Breathing Easer:

Constricted airways can be dilated by the caffeine in Coke. When an inhaler isn’t available, drinking a coke can provide quick relief from an asthmatic episode.

Jellyfish Sting Soother:

Much better than being peed on, simply pour Coke slowly over the affected area. Coke will help neutralize venom and ease the pain of a jellyfish sting.

Mellow Mosquito Bites:

The chemicals in Coca Cola help break down the saliva of mosquitos that causes itching and irritation. Simply rub cold Coke on bites for instant and lasting relief.

Soothe Stings:

Similarly, the acids in Coke help break down bee and wasp venom. Just rub coke on the sting, and again, if it’s cold, that will add to the healing sensation.

Headache Helper:

The caffeine content in Coke can help in reducing headaches and even migraines. Caffeine is a key component in most migraine medicines, in fact.

Hair Curler:

Natural hair curls are enhanced by the phosphoric acid in Coke, which helps contract hair cuticles. So the next time you want to give your curls a little extra curve, wash your hair in some Coca Cola.

Hair Color Neutralizer:

WHAT?!? It wasn’t supposed to come out purple!!! Fear not. Coke is acidic in just the right ways to help dissolve hair dye.

The Coca Cola Tan:

As an alternative to spendy tanning products, simply spray your skin with Coca Cola before exposure to sunlight. I probably wouldn’t believe it if I haven’t seen its effect!

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