How to Properly Season, Clean, and Care for Cast-Iron Cookware

How to Properly Season, Clean, and Care for Cast-Iron Cookware

How to Properly Season, Clean, and Care for Cast-Iron

Cast-iron pans are common cooking pans found in kitchens because of their non-stick, seasoning properties. The more you use it, the better because it helps with seasoning. They need to be washed and seasoned properly for optimal performance. First, look at some of the uses for them.

What are Cast-Iron Pans Used For?

Cast-iron pans are typically used for meats because of their non-stick qualities. They are also great for skillets or other foods that may normally cling to microscopic roughness of metal on pans. The non-stick properties influence easy cleanups too.

What Did the Video Say About Cast-Iron Maintenance?

Seasoning a cast-iron pan is very important along with maintaining it, which includes three different processes. The first one is a typical cleaning. Cleaning starts with hot water and light scrubbing with a stiff brush. Soap is not used because the seasoning strips off. Then, it is to be dried off completely and placed on the burner, low heat, to evaporate moisture. When the moisture is gone, spread vegetable oil on it with a paper towel. Rub the oil in until it is gone. You may have to change out paper towel pieces during this step. A well-maintained pan is solid black and smooth.

Next, the video discusses how to fix a burned or sticky iron pan. Before cleaning, heat the pan on a medium flame until a drop of water can evaporate from it. Pour vegetable oil and Kosher salt into the pan to spread around with paper towel. Now the pan will be hot so use tongs to hold the paper towel for scrubbing purposes. The process is completed by cleaning and repeating as necessary.

The last process is seasoning a dry pan. First, the pan should be heated on a medium flame until a drop of water can evaporate. With tongs, wipe paper towels dipped in vegetable oil on the surface until it is smooth and black.
With proper care, you will have long-lasting pans!

Why Should You Watch the Video?

Cast-iron pans are not cheap to replace. However, with proper care, they can last you for a long time. Therefore, you should practice good maintenance. This includes proper cleaning and seasoning. Sometimes, you may forget that the pan might of needed light seasoning for one purpose or may not need to heat the pan at all for another. Watching this video can help you feel confident that you are performing maintenance actions correctly and not accidently damaging it. It is a great reminder that there is more to it than just oiling the pan!

Why Use This Cleaning Method?

There is nothing more annoying or frustrating than trying to cook food and the meat ripping and tearing because it keeps getting stuck on the pan. Cast-iron pans can help prevent this inconvenience but only if they are properly cared for and seasoned. Following these cleaning methods will ensure that you will never feel disappointed when you use it and allow you to confidently cook with ease.