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20 Frugal Ways to Keep Your House Warm 

20 Frugal Ways to Keep Your House Warm 

20 Frugal Ways to Keep Your House Warm

It’s a very nice tradition to present gifts to owners of a new home – a “housewarming,” but did you know that you can extend this custom anytime you significantly make a change to your home? Yes, you can, so, take the time to consider my list for keeping your home warm and toasty this winter, and once you’re all set, plan a lovely party with friends and family. Maybe you’ll be fortunate enough to get snowed in while they’re visiting, and you’ll all have wonderful winter memories. I just survived the “Blizzard of 2016” – well it really wasn’t like a reality TV show or anything. I mean we got 18” of snow and hurricane force winds, but hey, that’s life on the prairie.

Ok so I did get a little panicky when I couldn’t open either the front or the back door because of the 9’ drift, but Ed the neighbor eventually dug me out. That wouldn’t even have been so bad, but I have a boxer and a schnauzer, and so the door had to get open – fast. I live in a 90 year old brick English cottage in the middle of the Great Plains, and because I have done most all of the things on this list – I was totally cozy – the pups as well.

First, look through the list below, and then I’ll discuss how to do some of these things, and I will include some websites for plans or methods:

11: Ceiling fans on winter setting (heat rises)

  • In general, you want your fan to run counter-clockwise at higher speeds in the summer to move a breeze around, and clockwise at lower speeds to help distribute heat in the winter.

Ceiling fans

12: Check roof.

  • If the snow melts quickly on any part of your roof, you have heat escaping

 Check roof.

13: Thermostat timers: 

  • In winter, heat rooms in use to 20ºC, a comfortable temperature for most people.

Thermostat timers:

14: Terra cotta pot heater:

  • It is really easy to put together and not so expensive that it is money wasted if it doesn’t do much. Check this out HERE

Terra cotta pot heater:

15: Do things that will make you feel warmer

Do things that will make you feel warmer

16: Flannel sheets, wool socks or slippers, and cozy cuddle blankets.

wool socks

17: Area rugs

  • During the cold winter months, they serve another important function: Rugs add a layer of insulation to the floorarea rug

18: Use oven for cooking

  • When you use your oven in the winter, leave the oven door open after you’re done and have turned it off. It’s heat you’ve already created and paid for, you might as well let it warm your kitchen as well.

Use oven for cooking

19: Drink nice hot tea

Drink nice hot tea

20: Heat rises:

  •  make sure your heating ducts are properly wrapped, and that any upstairs rooms, that are not being used, are properly closed.

heating ducts

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  1. When closing off unused rooms, make sure to turn off the heat registers in those rooms.

    When using a humidifier and a gas stove, why power a humidifier with electricity? Put a pot on the gas stove you’re running to heat the house.

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