Five Useful Knots For Camping, Survival, Hiking, And More

 Five Useful Knots For Camping, Survival, Hiking, And More

 Five Useful Knots For Camping, Survival, Hiking, And More

Have you ever come across a situation where something you never really thought of before was all of a sudden extremely important? Finding yourself in this kind of spot can be a big headache for you or worse, life-threatening. Can you think of one small thing off the top of your head that can fit this description? How about some basic forms of knot tying? If you do not do outdoor activities a lot, knot tying may not be something you have really thought of before. There is a lot of technique that goes into tying the perfect knot and there are multiple knots at that. Don’t let yourself be caught off guard when you are in need of a good knot. Watch this video to get started!

What Does this Video Say About Knots?

Just as it sounds, the video is going to tell you how to make top notch knots that you can use while you are out camping or stuck in a situation requiring survival skills. You will be visually shown how to make five useful knots and briefed on what each knot is usually used for.

Fishermans Knot
Fishermans Knot

Why Should You Give this Video a Shot?

First off, the host is the Director of Nature Reliance School. So, it is safe to bet he knows a thing or two of what he is talking about. It is basically like getting free advice from someone who makes money giving advice! Now, tying knots are not always a piece of cake. Why would there be videos out there for it if it was? Watching this video will give you close up views on how to efficiently complete each of the five knots. This can be extremely useful for you since some of the knots include using other elements like trees.

Most importantly, watching the video will help make sure your knot is sturdy and ready for any use. You do not want to be caught trying to do something important and then, unfortunately, have the knot slip out. This could lead to inconvenience, wasted time, and possibly injury! If you are already someone familiar with tying knots, this video can be a great refresher for you! You may also be surprised to learn of new methods you might not have previously known.

Five Useful Knots For Camping, Survival, Hiking, And More

Why Would You Need to Know About Knots?

Practicing knot tying can become very handy for you one day! You never know when you are going to need a special knot during camping activities or trying to survive out in the wild. The following are some potential ways you can potentially use knots.

• Secure gear to packs or vehicles

• Reinforce bundles like firewood

• Secure wounds or bandages

• Keep shelter from blowing away

• Climb trees to reach food or safety

• Strongly connect ropes together

• Create nets for fishing or trapping

• Stopping ropes from running out

• Cinch down a particular load

Either way, can be knots very useful for important situations!