Top 3 Backyard Guest House or Cabin Kits

Top 3 Amazon Backyard Guest House or Cabin Kits

Top 3 Amazon Backyard Guest House or Cabin Kits
Top 3 Amazon Backyard Guest House or Cabin Kits / Imagies via

With the cost of renting and buying apartments rising everyday alongside the cost of living, it is no surprise that many people are interested in having their own tiny homes. Although, you may have to settle with a minimalist house that measures only 100-400 square feet, tiny homes allow you to own a shelter and are a great investment.

Amazon Backyard Guest Houses and Cabin kits are crafted from exquisite quality hardwood and can serve different purposes: a family vacation/retreat home, backyard guest house, getaway cabins, and office building. The best part about these tiny houses is that they can be built within a day or two by anyone – DIY newbies, enthusiasts and experts, with the detailed instructions.

  1. Allwood Solvalla
Allwood Solvalla
Allwood Solvalla via amazon

The $7250 priced Allwood Solvalla is a 172 square feet cabin kit. The garden house comprises of a porch and a open living area. It has the ideal setting for a home office, backyard guest house, poolside shed or hut, a potting shed or a rooftop escape but it’s not the best option for a tiny home. The Allwood Solvalla has a floor area of 172 square feet but only 86 square feet is covered. The wall is 21 mm thick and made with the T&G pattern. The timeless design of this cabin kit was enhanced by the high quality Nordic wood which is compatible with all sorts of environment. 

This garden house is the perfect cabin kit to arouse the imagination of interested Do-It-Yourself enthusiasts. There is no need to call in contractors and builders to add more living space to your house, you can buy the Allwood Solvalla cabin kit from amazon and create your backyard guest house in a day with minimal tools and the help of a friend or family member. The detailed instructions manual for building this house can be ordered along with the parts from Amazon. However, the roof shingles and foundation materials which cost approximately $150 and $170 respectively. Also, the Allwood Solvalla like most cabin kits does not come with important features like plumbing, bathroom options, electricity, insulation and so on. You will have to settle these extras depending on what you want to use your cabin kit or garden house for.

Although it can’t really be referred to as a tiny home because it does not offer any privacy or even a space for sleeping. Nevertheless, it would make the perfect home office, yoga studio or art studio among other options that gives you free access to nature.

  1. Allwood Claudia
Allwood Claudia
Allwood Claudia via

The Allwood Claudia is a 209 square feet cottage style cabin kit. Like our first choice, it was made with super quality Nordic wood. It is very similar to the popular Allwood Chloe except and it differs only in its smaller size. Being compactly designed to encourage privacy, it can be built to serve as a backyard guest house, a playhouse, workspace, art studio, a small home office, beach cottage or a pool house. With the clarity of its instruction manual and the simplicity of its part, the Allwood Claudia will be a smooth single-day job for an average person to build. Interestingly, you don’t need many sophisticated tools, only simple, everyday tools are needed.

The wall is 44mm thick and is built with dual T&G wind block pattern. The front and back walls are 7 feet 3 inches high and the ridge is 11’11”. The cabin kit comes with all the materials needed for building including the prehung doors and windows, pre-assembled gates, floor and roof construction materials as well as the nails, screws, fixings, handles and door lock. However, the roof shingles and foundation materials needed for your Allwood Claudia cottage are not included in the usual package that cost $8450 on Amazon. 

Although this cozy cabin does not have electricity, plumbing and other facilities, it can become a perfectly cozy retreat for you if you can add those extra features. The Allwood Claudia cabin kit roofing and flooring has a pretty good insulation for most climate zones but you can add subflooring plywood and thermal panels to the floor and roof to improve the insulation of this tiny home. 

  1. Vermont Cottage 
Vermont Cottage 
Vermont Cottage via

There are many tiny homes out there but the Vermont Cottage is one of a kind and one of the best. The cottage has many possibilities and can be built to serve as an art studio, workshop, cabana, cabin, family retreat, camping home, pool house, prefab shed, a guest house and a house for full-time living. The cottage has a small porch in the front and a loft. Made with high quality Vermont lumber and handcrafted with superior rugged post and beam techniques, this cottage is built to stand the test of time even under all four seasons. Additionally, it has a rustic feel to it even as it is reminiscent of the then New England homes.

The Vermont cottage came in three sizes: 16 x 30, 16 x 24, and 16 x 20. Your choice will be influenced by your needs and purpose. Apart from the size option, you also have three Vermont Cottage options: Cottage A, B and C. Cottage A has a four-foot porch located along the bearing wall with an interior loft, Cottage B has no porch but has extra interior space and Cottage C has a porch (the same size as Cottage A) along the shorter gable end with the interior loft. Designed to a high degree of flexibility, it has a number of upgrades and extra features available that you can buy to make your Vermont Cottage much better. The roof materials, Laveo toilet, Natures Head composting toilet and different insulation packages among others are optional features that can be purchased for your convenience.

Getting an Amazon Cabin Kit or Backyard Guest House is easy and setting it up will prove to be a fun project that you can undertake with your family members or friends. It is also a great way to build a secluded retreat for yourself in case you need silence to think or work. Utility bills and other costs are also significantly reduced since your amazon tiny home can be built with eco-friendly utilities. No doubt, you will get great satisfaction that will worth every penny and sweat you will use in securing these beautiful looking little houses.