A Comprehensive List of Natural Ant Repellents and Tips in 4 Simple Steps

List of Natural Ant Repellents and Tips in 4 Simple Steps

List of Natural Ant Repellents and Tips in 4 Simple Steps

As much as we hate it and as much as it makes us feel unclean, an ant invasion in your home or garden will happen from time to time. It’s a hassle to figure out and an embarrassment when you have visitors. And though it happens to us all, how you take care of the problem is really what matters most.

The challenging part of fixing your ant problem is often that the most effective options contain harmful and toxic chemicals. What’s worse than a deluge of ants storming your house? Poisonous solutions. Luckily, there are a few natural hacks that can take care of the problem.

First off, make sure you remove anything that may be attracting the ants’ attention. Clean up any food (especially your sweets) and make sure all of your containers are sealed and placed in a secure area like your fridge. Sweet the floor often and after your meals, cover up food at all times, and don’t let dirty dishes clutter your kitchen or anywhere else. Take the trash out often and avoid moisture whenever and wherever possible.

Then you can get down to dealing with the ants at large. There are natural and safe ways to effectively get those critters out of your home and out of your garden. Read on and bust those ants today!

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1. One of the best weapons against an army of ants can be a spray bottle packed with the right ingredients. Each substance on this list is effective at killing ants and stopping their invasion. They are also either all-natural or commonly available household items. Simply prep your bottle with some water and one of these ingredients, then spray both the ants themselves and the area of infestation.

  •  Even something as simple as liquid dish soap can discourage an ant army. Spray liberally to infested areas. Liquid peppermint soap can sometimes be more efficient than other scents and additives due to its pungent and sterile scent. Dr. Bronners soap is an incredibly concentrated, powerful, and all-natural soap that is great for a variety of things, including ant extermination!
  •  Using a spray bottle of water and vinegar can stop ants in their tracks, and while this is an extremely effective way to get rid of ants, you can also be sure that it’s disinfected as well.
  •  While it may not be the most natural option, full strength Listerine will stop ants in their tracks.

2. One of the key parts of your strategy when you want to bust your ant invasion is finding their source of origin or at least tracing their path to the furthest point possible. By placing a deterrent right in this path, you can discourage and even prevent ants from crossing the threshold into your area. 

Try placing these common household items in the their walkway and closest to the source of entry. If you can’t find a direct path, brainstorm little nooks and crannies where the ants might be coming in. Once you’ve located these key areas, there are a few helpful ingredients to slow or just flat-out stop the ants’ progress. Try whatever is most effective for your needs and most available.

  •  CucumberCucumber peels or pieces can be effective in stopping a trail of ants. Place a few of your scrap cucumbers in the ants’ pathway, and you should see a decline in ant invaders.
  •  Use your old mint tea bags or dried mint leaves to block areas of entry. With a strong and pungent odor, the mint will discourage the ants, and it’s great material to block up any secret passageways.
  •  Cloves also work well and can be used in a similar way as mint.
  •  Another great all-natural alternative is to place citrus oil in the path of the ants. Ants don’t like this acid and won’t cross it, so place liberally in any area you may think is useful.
  •  Lemon or lemon juice works in a similar way to citrus oil.
  •  Orange peel puree also detracts ants in a like manner to these other citrus solutions.
  •  Cayenne pepper is another powerful substance that will stop an ant’s progress. Like citrus oil, place the pepper directly in the path to block ants from crossing into your area.
  •  The use of highly odorous ingredients can come in handy when fighting your war with the ants. Try placing cinnamon or garlic around areas of entry, and the ants will be deterred by their presence.
  •  Baking soda is a great way to hack a heavy stench or put out a kitchen fire. It’s also perfect for busting that ant problem. Sprinkle a bit over suspicious areas and leave a mound where you think the source of your problem may be.
  •  Other substances like chalk and baby powder can be very effective in blocking and preventing further entrance for the ants. Powdered yeast can also be very useful to this end.
  •  Coffee grounds are also a great deterrent. Sprinkle in large mounds and clog up any entryway possible with your old grounds.

3. If your ant problem is light and you can’t seem to figure out any way to locate their point of entry, turning a light on the general area may help. A small light can disrupt the activity of the ants and may discourage further invasion.

borax4. If you are at your rope’s end with the ant battle, a powerful concoction can help to elevate the onslaught. Mix honey, borax, and aspartame. Then leave this mixture in a few open bottles. The ants will pick up the poison and bring it back to their nest, thus poisoning the whole population. What’s very important to remember is to keep all pets and children away from the areas and to be very certain that they don’t come into contact with this poisonous mixture.

A battle with those tiny little creatures can be frustrating and sometimes just downright gross. Keep calm, try one of these many great natural remedies, and try not to lose your mind when you try to track them down. With a little patience, no dangerous chemicals, and hardly any money at all, you’ll be on your way to ant-free territory once again