8 Simple Tricks for Pesky Pimples

8 Simple Tricks for Pesky Pimples


They’re frighteningly big, maddeningly persistent, and they always find those most conspicuous areas on your nose, forehead, and chin. Pimples wreak havoc on facial tissue and our psyche. Although there are tons of strong, chemical filled solutions, these can also severely dry the face and introduce new harmful ingredients to your complexion.

Rest easy and start taming those pesky pimples with these cheap, easy, and all-natural solutions.

1. Quick Chill

It’s great in your lemonade and it’s great for your face. Ice can be a quick and easy remedy if you’re looking to reduce redness and inflammation of swollen pimples. The quick change of temperature helps to get blood moving and the coldness tightens the skin’s pores. It won’t do much to prevent future break outs, but if you need to deescalate a troublesome flareup, take a trip to your refrigerator.

How To: The trick with this remedy is not to give your inflammation too much of a shock. Grab a cold pack or simply throw a few ice cubes into a sandwich bag and cover with a light cloth. Hold this cold pack to your pimple for 30 to 60 seconds and repeat as needed.

2. Citrus Soak


Store bought, chemical treatments may have the power to wipe the paint off your walls, but lemon juice packs just a perfect punch for your pimples: powerful yet not industrial-grade. The vitamin C in lemon juice helps pimples dry up quickly, easily, and for a lot less money than what pharmaceuticals will charge you too.

How To: Make sure to use freshly squeezed juice. Use a clean cotton ball to distribute a dab of lemon juice on your face. Do this treatment at night before you hit the sack. Another option is to mix a little lemon juice with the power of cinnamon. A pinch of cinnamon powder makes for a more powerful solution, but this should be avoided if you have sensitive skin.

3. Tea Tree Treat

Tea tree oil is an effective and handy ingredient to have around the house. You can use it to treat a number of skin problems including acne and troublesome pimples. It’s an antibacterial which will promote skin health as well as soothe redness and inflammation.

How To: With a clean cotton ball, smear a tiny amount of tea tree essential oil on the infected area. Let it stand for 15 to 20 minutes, then do a thorough face wash and rinse. Tea tree oil is another powerful and effective remedy that you’ll want to be careful with if you have sensitive skin. Remember that a little goes a long way and make sure to start with a small amount to avoid adverse effects such as dry skin.

4. Toothpaste Dab

 Toothpaste Dab
Slipp D. Thompson via flickr

Get your pearly whites to shine and your atrocious, red zits to disappear with a quick and easy toothpaste hack. Toothpaste has a bevy of ingredients that will dry out inflamed problem areas. Baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, menthol, alcohol, and other ingredients are active and effective for a quick pimple treatment. Since you can apply the paste to a pretty exact (and confined) area, this trick can be useful as an occasional hack to get a pimple to die down.

How To: Use as an overnight treatment on very specific areas of your skin. If a pimple needs to be dried out, use it directly on the problem area. Wash the paste off your face in the morning.

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