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7 Natural alternative Remedies for Eczema

7 Natural alternative Remedies for Eczema

Eczema: How to Find Reliable Natural Relief

The other extremely helpful aspect of Dr. Li’s approach is that she realizes that eczema in children is entirely different from adults, and it needs to be dealt with appropriately. Eczema can be very painful, itchy, and frustrating. None of these conditions combine well with children who do not and cannot fully grasp what is going in with their skin, and they may make the condition worse due to frustration. Dr Li’s methods are designed to help from the “inside out,” and the following is a treatment plan for children:

Merry Clinic Eczema Treatment Plan:

  1. Healing from inside: Take Kid’s DermaCalm syrup or the EcDermaid Capsule to cleanse the toxins from your child’s body. These products also help improve your child’s immune system to support and maintain the healthy skin. *
  2. Control from outside: Use our natural EcDermaid spray to control the skin inflammations and relieve existing skin rashes on your child. It is designed for ultra sensitive skin and provides fast, gentle relief. *
  3. Dead Sea Salt Bath (optional): Restore minerals to your child’s skin. It can help heal damaged skin barriers caused by eczema or improper topical medication. *
  4. Food Limitation: To avoid further aggravating your eczema, your child needs to eliminate certain foods which might generate toxins inside the body. These foods include seafood, eggs, milk, mango, pineapple, citrus, peanuts, tomato.
  5. Safety: This product is made of natural herbs. There are no known side effects for children or adults. However, a very few children might be allergic to some of the ingredients, much like they could be allergic to certain food. Overall, this is a very safe treatment for children. *

Natural options:

1. Coconut oil:

Coconut oil does an amazing job of soaking into the skin and filling in that intercellular space that’s opened up and caused you to lose moisture. It’s a lipid, of course, and fats and oils are what you need to prevent your skin from drying out and becoming more irritated.

Coconut oil
Coconut oil

2. Fermented Cod Liver Oil

Fermented Cod Liver Oil is a great source of the fat-soluble vitamins A,D, E and K and as such are supportive of hundreds or processes in the body. The supplements are rather pricey, but we’ve seen a big difference from adding this to our regimen (including skin health!)


Many people and doctors feel that a persons diet is the secret of eczema, The truth is that there are many types of diets that are recommended for eczema, including: dairy free, gluten-free, low-allergen, no sugar, alkaline foods, and lots more. Eating natural, organic, and balanced foods is a win-win, so rather than argue against it, it is better to encourage it! However, it is always frustrating when a patient has been assured that diet is the solution and—despite their best efforts—the eczema seems to disagree.

4. Cornstarch and Oil

just plain old cornstarch and water, can be a soothing paste all on its own. Made with just water though, the cornstarch can wick away moisture that your skin needs in the case of eczema. To balance this out and get a little extra moisturizing power, mix it with olive or grapeseed oil instead.

You will need…

-Olive or grapeseed oil


Mix the cornstarch and enough oil to make a paste that is spreadable. The paste should not be to think that it won’t spread but also not so thin that it runs everywhere.  Apply to affected areas as needed, let the paste sit for 20 minutes or so, and then rinse off with warm water. Pat dry with a clean towel and apply your regular moisturizer as needed.


5. Honey

Scientists have discovered that honey contains exceptionally powerful healing properties. It not only heals damaged skin in extremely severe cases of eczema , eliminate the dry botches, but it also has the ability to regenerate new skin growth

You will need…

-Organic, raw, honey
-Bandage (optional)


Apply a thin layer of honey over the affected area. You can cover it with a bandage to keep it from rubbing off , Leave it on for 20-30 minutes then rinse off with cool water, pat dry, and reapply another thin layer of honey 3 times throughout the day.


Eczema is a serious medical condition if not treated, so make sure you know for sure that what you have is indeed eczema, and then do your research. With some time, effort, and consistency you will find that there are many soothing natural methods that will help you comfortably manage eczema.

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