13 Ways To Use Dawn Dish Soap Around Your Home

13 Impressive Uses for Dawn in Your House

13 Ways To Use Dawn Dish Soap Around Your Home

Dawn dish soap does more than just get your dishes sparkling clean each day. It is a staple in many households for dozens of reason. You might not realize that you can combine it with other cleaners or items, allowing you to clean more than your dishes!

The price of Dawn might seem high at times when compared to other dish soaps. However, when you consider the dozens of different ways you can use Dawn, it is a budget-friendly cleaner that should be in everyone’s cabinet!

13 Amazing Ways to Use Dawn in Your House

Removing Gunk from Hair

Every parent will encounter the time when their child puts something gross in their hand. Baby oil, gum, playdoh, and Vaseline top our list! Dawn might seem like it is too strong to put on hair, but it is actually mild. Dawn won’t hurt your hands. Just rub some Dawn on whatever your child stuck in his hair!

Stain Pre-Treatment

Some stains are hard to beat unless you use a pretreatment. Dawn beats some of the hardest stains, like grease, motor oil, and lipstick. All you need to do is apply a drop or two of Dawn to the stain. Then, just an old toothbrush until the stain is gone. Put in the washing machine!

Banish Ants for Good

The summer always brings ants to our house, and we searched for years for the perfect solution. Dawn is that solution! Spray down your countertops, cabinets and anywhere you find those small, black ants. Just mix water and Dawn. Wipe the area dry.



It might not seem like a big deal, but bubbles are a great way to distract your kids! Every parent needs a distraction. To make some homemade bubbles, take ½ cup Dawn soap, ½ gallon warm water and one tablespoon Karo (or glycerin). Stir together and remove the foam from the top of the solution. Now, dip your bubble wand and blow some amazing bubbles!


We are in the middle of winter right now, and running out of salt happens often. Our sidewalk and route to the cars will get very icy unless taken care of promptly. To take care of the ice, mix one teaspoon Dawn, one tablespoon of rubbing alcohol and ½ gallon hot water. Then, pour the mixture over your sidewalks. It removes the ice and prevents ice from forming again. This mixture is actually more concrete friendly!

Tub and Shower Cleaner

The bathtub can easily develop dirt and grime buildup. Dawn, combined with other ingredients, make a fantastic cleaner. Fill a spray bottle halfway with warm, white vinegar that you heated in the microwave. Then, fill the rest of the way with Dawn. Shake to mix well. Then, just spray this mixture on your bathtub and shower! You are going to love the results.

Multi-Purpose Cleaner

Dawn also works as a multi-purpose cleaner. Are you beginning to wonder what Dawn can’t do? Simply add a drop or two to eight ounces of water. You can use this mixture for several things:

  • Kitchen and bathroom counters and sink clean-up
  • Woodwork
  • Bathtubs
  • Toilets
  • Ceramic and linoleum floors

Remove Stains from Your Driveway and Garage

Typically, we might not care about our driveways, but no one likes gasoline or motor oil stains! Removing these pesky stains is actually easy! First, apply kitty litter to the spot. It will absorb any extra oil or gasoline. Then, use a scrubbing brush, Dawn and warm water to scrub away the motor oil. Doing this also works on your garage floor!

The Best Window Cleaner

The Best Window Cleaner

Did you run out of window cleaner? Don’t worry! All you need is three drops of Dawn in one gallon of water. Then, add to a spray bottle. Spray the windows in question. They will sparkle just like you used window cleaner. You may never buy separate window cleaner again!


Stripping Cloth Diapers

If you use cloth diapers, Dawn is essential in your cabinet. Sometimes, a stripping is necessary and those diapers need a super, deep cleaning. All you need to do is add a squirt of Dawn dish soap to your washer, then run the hottest wash available. Then, rinse until there are no more bubbles. You may need to do a few extra rinse cycles to ensure all of the bubbles and soap are gone.

Unclog The Drains

Dawn is powerful enough to unclog drains! All you need to do is boil three to four tablespoons of Dawn in a full pot of water. Then, pour the hot Dawn water down whatever sink is clogged. Make sure to be careful! You don’t want to burn yourself.

Pet Soap

Pet Soap

Pets don’t need a bath as often as humans, so it is easy to forget to pick up some pet soap at the store. If you have a bottle of Dawn, you are covered! Dawn kills fleas quickly and is cheaper than most flea shampoo.

Clean Up Your Grill

Throughout the summer, your grill can get a workout and end up looking gross. Take off the racks and put into a bucket or trash bag that you can seal. Add ½ cup of Dawn to a gallon of water. Then, put this mixture over the racks and seal. Allow it to set overnight. The next day, use a wire brush to scrub off the grime.

These are just some of the possible uses for Dawn dish soap in your home. Dawn is a powerhouse cleaner that can remove any dirt and grime buildup. At the same time, it is gentle enough for your hands and skin. It won’t harm your children or animals. That is way experts use it to help wildlife because it is tough yet mild.

Do you always keep a bottle of blue Dawn dish soap in your cabinet? If so, what is your favorite way to use Dawn in your home? Let us know in the comments!