Living Better With Lemons: 34 Amazing Uses for a Simple Citrus Fruit

Living Better With Lemons: 34 Amazing Uses for a Simple Citrus Fruit

Living Better With Lemons: 34 Amazing Uses for a Simple Citrus Fruit
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We all know the old adage “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade”, but as it turns out, this fantastic fruit has so many more uses than a simple summer refreshment. Of course, lemons can be used in a number of ways to season and flavor various foods and drinks, but did you know they can be used in a great number of other ways around your home? The acid content, disinfecting power, nutritional value, and gentle scent of lemons makes them a natural cleaner, deodorizer, and health enhancer. If you are wondering about the image above : A lemon battery is a simple battery often made for the purpose of education. Typically, a piece of zinc metal (such as a galvanized nail) and a piece of copper (such as a penny) are inserted into a lemon and connected by wires. Power generated by reaction of the metals is used to power a small device such as a small Leds(clock)

Following are 34 incredible uses for lemons in your home and for your health that may just make you want to buy them in bulk the next time you are at the local grocer.

Health Uses:

Kidney Stone Prevention
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1. Breathing Easier. Lemon water can help reduce phlegm and ease breathing for those with asthma. When combined with a proper diet, these effects can also be boosted with a shot of 2 tablespoons of lemon juice before each meal.

2. Kidney Stone Prevention. Lemon juice mixed with water can increase the production of urinary citrate, a chemical in urine that prevents crystal formation that can lead to kidney stones. As a natural diuretic, lemon can also increase the production and elimination of urine to help flush out excess bacteria and toxins.

3. Mouth and Throat Health. Lemon juice can help reduce bleeding, swelling, and infection of bleeding gums. The antibacterial properties of the juice can also help fight irritation and infections in the throat.

4. Digestive Health. Warm water and lemon juice can solve a number of digestive problems by balancing stomach acids and helping to aid digestion and toxin elimination from the stomach and intestines.

5. Wart Treatment. With a cotton swab, apply lemon juice directly to warts and repeat several times a day for several days until the natural acids and vitamins in the lemon juice break down the thick skin, swelling, and discoloration around warts.

6. Feminine Hygiene. Lemon juice is a powerful antiseptic and deodorizer. When diluted with water, you can make a safe and effective treatment for feminine itch and odor which is free from the harsh chemical compounds in commercial douches and feminine washes.

Beauty Uses:

Dandruff Treatment.
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7. DIY Deodorant. Along the same lines, the natural deodorizing and germ-killing powers of lemon can counteract even the strongest of armpit odor without harsh chemicals. Simply dab a little lemon juice in your pits to neutralize odor and freshen.

8. Nail Lightening Treatment. To lighten and brighten yellowed or discolored fingernails, soak them in a combination of a cup of warm water and the juice of a lemon. Let your nails soak in the mixture for five minutes, then rinse and dry.

9. Soften Scaly Elbows. Simply mix baking soda and lemon juice into an abrasive paste and scrub scaly elbows to smooth, soothe, and exfoliate. The lemon juice will also naturally help to lighten skin and ease inflammation. Follow up this treatment by rinsing with clean water and applying a light coat of olive oil.

10. Anti-Aging Skin Treatment. You can easily lighten age spots and skin discoloration by simply applying lemon slices directly to the affected areas for 15 minutes and then rinsing with water. Repeat every other day as needed.

11. Natural Hair Highlights. For chemical free blonde hair highlights, combine ¼ cup lemon juice and ¾ cup water and apply to hair as desired. Allow to dry in natural sunlight and repeat daily for up to a week as desired.

12. Anti-Acne Face Wash. To naturally relieve redness, swelling, and disinfect acne irritations, simply dab lemon juice directly onto blemishes with a cotton ball and hold in place for a few minutes. Rinse clean and repeat daily as needed. Skin quality should improve within a few days.

13. Simple Mouth Wash. To kill germs and freshen breath, simply swish straight lemon juice around in your mouth to allow the juice to kill germs, freshen breath, and even out pH levels. After a few minutes, rinse with water to prevent the acid in lemon juice from harming tooth enamel.

14. Dandruff Treatment. To control the itchiness and embarrassment of dandruff, simply massage 2 tablespoons of lemon juice into your scalp and rinse with water. For a preventative leave-in rinse, combine a teaspoon of lemon juice with a cup of water and run through hair. Repeat daily to control dandruff.

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