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How To Repair A Windshield Chip For $10

How To Repair A Windshield Chip For $10

How To Repair A Windshield Chip For $10
How To Repair A Windshield Chip For $10



1. Clean the affected part using the towel and rubbing alcohol. You can also use your glass cleaner. However, alcohol is a better option since it dries up faster. Spray the alcohol/ glass cleaner on the towel and not on the windshield screen.

2. Use the tape to mark the affected area. This helps to focus on the affected area only.

3. Take the cardboard and place it on the inside of the windscreen so that you can see the chip better.

4. Take the safety pin or the sharp object and slowly use it to scratch the chip to remove remaining glass fragments.

5. Take the seal, peel one side and stick it to the screen. Make sure that the crack is in the middle of the seal. Also, let the tab faces upwards. Peel the seal’s upper part to expose the sticky part.

6. Place your pedestal on top of the sticky top part of the seal. Let it lie directly above the seal.

7. Use a pair of scissors to cut the resin’s top. Pour ¾ of the resin into the pedestal.

8. Push the syringe down into the pedestal to the end. Hold the syringe down and pull the plunger upwards. Use a clip to keep it in its position. This makes the syringe act as a vacuum that draws any air left in the crack.

9. Let it rest for 10 minutes to remove all the air bubbles out of the crack. You can look through the crack from the inside of the windshield to see the extermination of the bubbles.

10. Remove the syringe from the pedestal to let air back in. Then put it back to fit tight. Eliminate the clip so that you can push the plunger downwards. Lock the clip when it is still down. The pressure assists the resin to get into the crack. Let it rest for 20 minutes.

11. Remove the syringe after 20 minutes. Use a safety razor to remove the tab. Also, remove the seal and the pedestal. Make sure that you have a towel to wipe out any resin dripping from the area.

12. Drop the remaining resin on the affected area of the windshield. Ensure there is sunlight where your vehicle is.

13. Take the yellow square and place it on top of the crack. Use the razor to press out any bubbles. Let it rest for 15 minutes.

14. Remove the square after the end of the 15-minute period. Use the blade to wipe out excess resin on the windshield.
You have now successfully removed the crack. Remove the tape.



Make sure that you deal with the crack as soon as possible to prevent it from becoming bigger. Also, let the yellow square rest for about one hour if it is not a sunny day or if you have kept your vehicle under a shade.

How To Repair A Windshield Chip For $10
How To Repair A Windshield Chip Before and After

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  1. I did this and found that it helped but it did not completely clear up the crack. The crack is still noticeable non my windshield.