How To Get Cheap or Free Solar Panels

How To Get Cheap or Free Solar Panels

How To Get Cheap or Free Solar Panels
How To Get Cheap or Free Solar Panels / shutterstock

Solar panels come with the advantage of saving you money on your electric bill, right? While your monthly electric bill might drop down, the high cost of solar panels makes the cost negligible, and you’ll be in the red for a long time. Solar panels can cost thousands!

In fact, installing a 5kW system into your house would cost approximately $10,900 AFTER tax credits, so you will pay more upfront. Ouch.

We thought the point was to save money, not set us into debt or drain our savings account! So, what’s the solution? One of the best ways to save money on solar panels is to find used or discounted solar panels.

Before you do so, make sure you look for a solar panel group discount program. They pop up in areas, and many times, these groups are easier than building your own solar panels at home.

What are Used or Discounted Solar Panels?

Solar panels are used for people who don’t (or don’t want) access to the power grid. The U.S. military frequently uses solar panels when they are in the field, which can cause chips or cracks. When that happens, these solar panels are deemed unsafe, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t safe for homeowners to use. The wilderness is much different than your rooftop!

So, as a result, many companies give away these solar panels or offer them at a steep discount for homeowners. Now, it does come with a catch. Chips, cracks, or damage can degrade by the efficiency of the solar panels, anywhere from 10% to 60%. So, that means your discounted panel won’t generate as much energy as a brand new one.

However, if you’re getting it for free or for a quarter of the price, it might be worth the energy loss. If you purchase a 22-watt panel and lose 10% of the efficiency, you still generate 19 watts. It’s going to reduce your energy bill and bring you one step closer to energy independence.

Used solar panels
Used solar panels

How to Find Discounted Solar Panels

  • Find Local Contacts

If you spot a house with solar panels or panels in the field, see if there is a sign on or nearby with a contractor’s name and contact information. To get the discounts, you ideally want to find companies that sell “in the field” used panels.

Stopping in the middle of a highway to jot down a number isn’t always the safest idea, so you should look at weather sensors or portable electric signs along local roads.

Other options include checking your local phone book for contractors or doing a Google search. Make a list of names and phone numbers!

solar panels
solar panels
  • Pay Them a Visit

You can call them to figure out their business hours, but this type of business is best done in person. It’s best to speak to the mechanics or the maintenance department. It’s important to be kind and offer to pay for damaged panels. They will love the offer, even if they don’t intend to charge you.

If they do want some cash, you can bargain with them, but be respectful! They are doing you a favor, so any bargaining should be with kindness. These panels will wear out, and you want to have a working relationship with them. Call every few weeks to ask if they have any extras for purchase or to give to you!

Other Ways to Save Money Buying Solar Panels

If discounted panels are impossible to find, there are other ways to save money! Its important that you look up your funding options as well. Most people use solar loans which don’t require any money down. You don’t have to worry about paying all cash for solar panels unless you want to do so! Here’s some advice on shopping for solar panels.

  • Get Multiple Quotes

Shopping around for different quotes on solar panel installation is important. It is recommended that you take a look at as many solar options as possible because it will help avoid paying overinflated prices. Some researchers say that homeowners who get 3 or more quotes tend to save between $5,000 to $10,000 on their solar panel installation.

  • Go with Smaller Companies

Bigger installation parties aren’t always the best prices. That’s why homeowners need to cosider all of their optios, not just the big brands that pay for pricey advertisements. Larger installers can charge up to $5,000 more than small solar companies. That’s a huge leap in price!

Solar Panels Don’t Need to Break the Bank

Many people avoid getting solar panels because they know the price is so high. They think its unattainable for them, and the cost does give solar paneling a bad reputation. It’s supposed to save us money, so why in the world is it so pricey?

By utilizing the right tips, you can significantly decrease the overall cost of adding solar panels to your home. Then, you can really start saving money on electricity!