5 Native American Remedies We Can All Still Use Today

5 Native American Remedies We Can All Still Use Today

5 Native American Remedies We Can All Still Use Today
5 Native American Remedies We Can All Still Use Today – photo:en.wikipedia.org

The Native American population has survived for many years, and it’s all thanks to their unique survival instincts and creative remedies that they used. In fact, the Native American medicine itself is widely regarded as one of the best because it has little to no negative effects, and it also tends to be very efficient. With that being said, there are still plenty of Native American remedies that people use to this day because they are dependable and can indeed get the job done the way you want.

Whole foods

What a lot of people don’t realize is that the Native American diet had raw and whole foods. There were no processed foods and things that are a part of the modern diet people have these days. With that being said, the important thing to keep in mind is that whole foods are the ones that kept people healthy in the long run.

It’s the processed foods that lead to so many health issues these days, not to mention obesity. Which is why eating whole foods is actually a great idea and it can make a huge difference. The advantage here is that you have access to all kinds of amazing foods, and they do stand out of the crowd with some innovative ideas. The best part is that if you stick with a simpler diet the way Native Americans did, you will have a healthier and happier life.

A whole foods diet like this does include meat, so you don’t have to be a vegetarian. With that in mind, the idea is to not have chemicals and compounds that would bring in problems. That’s the thing to pursue and in the end you will have a much healthier life with such an approach.


Native American people were known for using Echinacea quite a lot. The reason behind that is this plant does have some really good properties. For starters, they used it in order to treat a variety of cold symptoms. The benefit is there, because Echinacea is boosting the power of the immune system. In doing so, you get to fight viruses with much better results and the outcome as a whole is definitely an interesting option.

Having a healthy immune system is important and lacking that is what makes us sick. That’s why we have to learn from the native American people and focus more on things like Echinacea. You can find Echinacea in many different forms these days, from sprays to pills and even in a tea form. You can help prevent all kinds of health issues, and stuff like that helps make a huge difference especially from a health perspective. That on its own is something to think about as much as you can.

Communal living

One of the main problems these days is the fact that life can get very stressful. You need to find a way to eliminate stress and the native American people did that in the form of communal living. People were sharing tasks, they were able to eliminate stress by having someone else take the reigns if there were issues. Understanding that and making sure everything is implemented rightfully is one of the things you really need to think about.

Plus, communal living has another benefit in the form of bringing in that strong support system we need in order to help alleviate stress. It can be very difficult to achieve this kind of stuff at first, but the benefits are amazing and that’s what you want to think about. Of course, we can’t live the way native Americans did, but having more focus on our social aspect is definitely one of the things we really need to think about because it helps.


Another plant that a lot of native American people cherished would be chamomile. They knew that people had to relax in order to cope with the day to day challenges brought by their life. Chamomile played a major role in that particular situation. There were rituals related to chamomile consumption and they showed the amazing physical properties that this plant had and continues to have.

Which is why the native American people ended up making tea out of chamomile and this helped them calm down. We need to learn from this and focus more on relaxing and using these compounds as the guiding factor. That on its own is super important and it can end up bringing some extraordinary results. Stuff like that can indeed make a huge difference if it’s handled appropriately.

chamomile tea
Chamomile tea

Ritual based purification

Native Americans also had a true focus on rituals. They were not exposed to the amount of toxins that we are today, but they still understood the need of having our bodies purified in one way or another. Their particular purification involved fasting, as well as staying away from certain foods for a little while.

Aside from that, they were also using a sweat lodge where they were able to sweat out impurities. You can think of that as the first version of sauna that we encountered. Which is important to note, because not a lot of people know about these methods that native American people were using to maintain a very good health. That’s what makes it different and so incredible, certainly one of the aspects you rarely get to see especially in those times.


It’s safe to say that native American remedies continue to impress us even up to this date. It’s easy to see why, because these remedies are very efficient, and people enjoyed using them as well. We need to learn from the native American population and adapt these treatments. Adapting these to the modern times might be necessary, but it’s still clear that we can do a lot of amazing things if we tackle the situation properly. That’s what really matters and in the end results can be incredible. Which is exactly what makes native American remedies something to strive towards, especially in these challenging times!