Skillet Lasagna!! Easy 30 Minute Stove Top Lasagna Recipe

Skillet Lasagna!! Easy 30 Minute Stove Top Lasagne Recipe

Skillet Lasagna

Have you ever wished that some of your favorite dinners did not take as long to cook? Is lasagna one of those special meals? If you answered yes, you are in luck because there is a way to cook lasagna in a shorter amount of time! No, it is not the dishwasher cooked lasagna featured on the show Hack My Life; it is not as unusual. Stick to your oven appliance and watch this video on how to cook skillet lasagna on your stop top in thirty minutes!

What Can the Video Tell You About Stove Top Lasagna?

Since this is not traditional lasagna, you will not be using traditional cooking utensils. The video will tell you to forget glass baking dishes and switch to a deep-dish pan. This means that how the ingredients are prepared will be different from standard methods. Although the skillet method is not complicated, the video will show you how to properly prepare and cook so even your first skillet lasagna will taste delicious! Some information shared will be the pan size, cooking temperature and the number of noodles you will need.

If You Want to Make this Lasagna, Should You Follow this Video?

Do you think you will be boiling lasagna noodles? Are you just going to use a can of pasta sauce? Since this lasagna is skillet lasagna, do you think you are going to be mixing the ingredients all together while you cook? If you answered yes to any of these questions, do not attempt to cook this meal without watching the video first. There is a specific process to help create the classic lasagna taste without putting everything together and then placing it in the oven. This means that what happens in the skillet is important in order to ensure ingredients do not get over cooked and create a big mess by sticking to the bottom of the pan.

Since you will not be using a premade sauce, you are going to have to incorporate spices to prevent the lasagna from tasting bland. Failing to watch the video and creating your own spice mixture can become a flavorful disaster. Watching the video will also prevent you from making the mistake of tossing all the ingredients together and cooking it in the pan for a straight thirty minutes, since the timeframe is broken into sections with different directions.

Why Make Stove Top Lasagna When You Can Make Old Fashion Baked Lasagna?

Anyone who has cooked traditional lasagna before knows that a lot of time is spent preparing the lasagna for it to go into the oven. This is inconvenient when you are running late for dinner or do not have a lot of time on your hands. Luckily for you, cooking lasagna in a skillet, like taught in the video, will save you time and quickly serve a scrumptious meal. It is also a great dish to serve up at parties and get-togethers. Impress family and friends with an easy, tasty meal!