Guide to Ear Candling

A Simple Guide to Ear Candling

Guide to Ear Candling

Ear problems are frustrating and quite painful at times. Ear candling is a holistic treatment for many ear ailments. You can find them at almost any natural remedy store. Large stores, such as Wal-Mart, even sell ear candle kits now! Their popularity is growing rapidly.

How Does Ear Candling Work?

Most ear candles are 10 inches long, made of rolled beeswax or paraffin. The person being candled lays down in a comfortable position, and the helper puts the tapered end of the candle comfortably against the ear canal.

The process is supposed to create a suction and melt the ear wax, sucking it up the tapered end of the candle. Ear candling can take between 30 to 45 minutes. While the process is debated, ear candling is non-invasive and considered relaxing.

Potential Reasons to Ear Candle

Potential Reasons to Ear Candle

Potential Reasons to Ear Candle via Wiki

People believe that ear candling is helpful for many situations. If you have a lot of ear wax build up, ear candling could help clear it out. Another reason is ear infections. Candling won’t cure an ear infection, but it helps to get things moving to the inner ear when infection is present. There are other benefits as well!

  • Relieves pressure behind the eardrum.
  • Enhances hearing and other mental functions.
  • Eases earaches, headaches and sinus pressure
  • Relaxes the body
  • Promotes healing

Guide to Ear Candling

How to Ear Candle

Ear candling must be done carefully! It is very easy to do this improperly since it involves fire! For example, you can cut a hole in a metal pie plate which stops anything from falling. A sturdy paper plate also works. You don’t want pieces of the hot candle falling onto the person, especially into their hair!

If you are ear candling a child, it is essential that you have another person with you to help keep them distracted! That person can read them a book or hold a tablet so they can watch a movie. You don’t want a squirmy child during the process.

Follow these steps for simple ear candling.

Cover up any hair! If the person has long hair, cover it with a towel or blanket. The person doing the candling should wash their hands before. The person being candled should clear their ear before to help minimize the risk of spreading bacteria.

The ear canal is at an angle, not straight up and down. You have to remember that when placing the ear candle to help create the proper suction.

Don’t place the candle too deep! It should be very comfortable.

Once it is placed comfortably, light the candle on fire. Now, let it burn down, which can take some time. As it slowly burns down, you want to clip the top portion of the candle off. This is why the pie plate is handy. Allow it to burn down as far as possible, so long as it is comfortable still.

If you feel the heat on your fingers under the pie plate, it is time to pull out the ear candle and dunk the top on fire.

Then, open up the ear candle and observe how much ear wax there is! You might be surprised. There is typically more ear wax inside than you think is inside.