Budget Ways to Theft-Proof Your Home

Budget Ways to Theft-Proof Your Home

Budget Ways to Theft-Proof Your Home
Budget Ways to Theft-Proof Your Home

To put in place adequate measures that will sufficiently secure your home against intending burglars might sound to be a really expensive endeavor to you, but there are ways to do so without breaking the bank. 

As it’s about time you go for that vacation you have been planning, you need to make sure you secure your belongings until you return: burglars also plan towards the time you are not at home to inflict their harms. Here are  10 really affordable ways to theft-proof your home during your next vacation. They have been tested and we’re sure that they work pretty well.  

  • Invest in Security Cameras
Security Cameras
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The world is now full of advanced technologies and the way people secure their homes and property has changed drastically. A small security camera can now let you know whatever is happening in your home from any part of the world, Well as long as you have an internet connection that is. 

You can exploit such technologies to keep away thieves from your home or to help the Police catch your burglars. Invest in these good quality security cameras, install them at every part of your home; especially those places where strangers will not see them but they will still be able to adequately cover the area. This way, you can bring justice to burglars. 

  • Secure Windows and Doors With Alarm Systems
Alarm Systems
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Over the years, alarm systems have proven to be another inexpensive alternative to burglar-proof your home. They notify the neighbors and everybody around the forceful entry into your house. The majority of burglars would not attempt coming if they discover you have an alarm system in your home and if they find out while the burglary is in progress they usually run.

But you need to make sure the control pad is not near where burglars can tamper with it. Attach these little noisemakers, the wireless ones are better, to your windows and doors and see how they do their jobs when your windows or doors are opened by the wrong person.

  • Ensure You Know Who’s Knocking

You don’t want to finish adequately securing your doors locks and all only for you to be the one using your hands to open the door for those that will rob you. Ensure you provide yourself with adequate peepholes that will cover all the angles through which you can conveniently take a good look at the person at your door. 

  • Reinforce Your Garage Door 

Another spot thieves love entering through is a weak garage door. A weak wooden garage door appeals to burglars a lot as it is easy to knock off the door without stress. An inexpensive way to beef up your garage door is to add a half-inch plywood reinforcement panel and then bar it with 2x4s placed in well-constructed bar-holder brackets: a method that has been in existence for centuries: you must have noticed it in some movies too. Cut the plywood to fit over the door’s center section, in such a way that it doesn’t obstruct the door’s opening knob, then fasten it to the door with drywall screws. Always place your 2×4s in position whenever you wish to lock the door. You can apply the same security measure to other doors in your house that you perceive to be weak. 

  • Keep Spare Keys in a Lockbox

When keeping spare keys, hiding them in predictable places might help intruders in entering your home. Hiding keys underneath your foot-mat or inside a flower pot might have worked for some people along time ago, but those are now the place most burglars would guess to look. You might be helping that burglar by keeping your keys in obvious places. Unexpected places are the best for hiding keys and your best option could be an affordable combination lockbox. You can install it somewhere hidden. Even if seen, the number combination is another challenge for the burglar. So you are safe anyways.

  • Keep Expensive Things out of Sight When Leaving Home For a Long Time

Expensive things attract burglars a lot. Hide or cover things like your new TVs, computers, bikes, jewelry, and any other expensive and attractive things very well when you’re leaving for a very long time. Invest in adequate window blinds or curtains to make sure passers-by don’t see what’s inside your home. It is advisable to keep jewelry and cash in a drawer or safe: you can get good safes for around $100. It is better to be safe than sorry.

  • Keep Your Mails Secured

Mail is one of the ways burglars use to scout their next victim. Mailboxes are not protected most of the times and they might contain important papers like bank statements, email information and a lot of other info that can give a burglar idea on when and how to attack a house. It is really good to make sure your mails don’t get exposed to strangers. The best way is getting a mailbox with a lock that can’t be opened except you open the lock with a key. You could get such good mailboxes as low as $20. A fair price for your security. 

  • Install Motion Detecting Lights
Motion Detecting Lights
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A lot of people get disturbed thinking if they should put on the light when leaving home. If you ever got bothered by this, then you have gotten a budget-friendly option. Motion detecting lights scare off not only burglars, but it also scares off any other intruder from your home as well. When the lights suddenly come on, the intruder won’t know if you switched it on or not and burglars can’t risk getting spotted by a vigilant home-owners.

Motion detector lights have been useful in reducing theft rate and they are budget-friendly. You can get a standard motion-detecting light for as low as $20 and there are also solar powered motion detecting lights if you need to place them where connection to utility power could prove to be difficult. 

  • Be Cautious of Social Media

Social media is a cool way to share pictures of how you are spending your vacation and you might want your friends to feel like they are really with you for greater fun. However, you don’t know who noticed it when you update your status and tagged your friends while social media also defaulted itself to a public setting. The thieves in your locality who noticed it will have more reason to act at that time. Directly message your friends or create a closed group for them if you wish to update them with your activities. You can as well wait till you get back home before hitting a chat trail. 

  • Trim Your Shrubs

You might be thinking what trimming bushes have to do with burglar-proofing your home but bushy landscape gives burglars comfortable hiding places when they are scouting their next victim. Those little shrubs might not let your neighbors notice when someone intrudes in your home.  This is not a campaign against shrubs and green landscape, just keep clean to avoid some prying eyes. 

As an extra tip,  it is better to avoid strangers. Don’t bring strangers into your house for Craigslist and any other digitally advertised goods: burglars scout houses during such activities. Plus, keep what goes on in your home private. Try the above tips and I’m sure it would work for you. Be Safe!