8 Reasons You Should Try Oil Pulling

8 Reasons You Should Try Oil Pulling

8 Reasons You Should Try Oil Pulling
8 Reasons You Should Try Oil Pulling

Oil pulling is an oral health technique; the ritual of oil pulling dates back 3,000 years. This Ayurvedic tradition is also called “gundusha” or “kavala” and involves swishing a tablespoon of oil in your mouth and between your teeth for at least 5 minutes and up to 20 minutes to draw toxins out of your body and improve oral health.

Swishing longer improves results. Use a variety of extra virgin organic cold pressed oil, such as sesame, olive, sunflower or coconut oil. Be sure not to swallow the oil after swishing; you don’t want to ingest the toxins that you’re trying to remove. After spitting out the oil, brush your teeth with a fluoride-free toothpaste and rinse your mouth out with water.

Take it slow at first. While you will see more dramatic results the longer you swish, it can be tiring and tedious. Work up to 20 minutes, but start with 5. And it’s recommended that you use coconut oil. While any of the above-mentioned oils will help improve your oral and overall health, the lauric acid in coconut oil has antimicrobial agents which provide an extra punch.
That’s all there is to it! Simple, right?

This process naturally removes toxins and cuts through plaque with no negative side effects. It may be surprising that such a simple daily ritual could dramatically transform your health for the better. But if you think about it, it makes sense. The microorganisms in your mouth are mostly single cell and encased in a lipid membrane. Lipids are fats so, when these microorganisms encounter the oil, which is also a fat, they bond to each other, making it easy to remove them along with the oil when you spit it out later.

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Fungi, bacteria, toxins, and viruses are all concentrated in the mouth. The oil cleans these invaders out before they can infiltrate further and cause any damage. Fewer harmful invaders to your system means a stronger immune system with less inflammation and stress and, therefore, improved overall health.

Try oil pulling for just 2 weeks to enjoy astounding health benefits. You will not be disappointed! Meanwhile, continue to brush and floss as usual. Neglecting your daily oral hygiene will reduce the impact of oil pulling.

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