50 Deer Resistant Plants

50 Deer Resistant Plants

50 Deer Resistant Plants
50 Deer Resistant Plants

Deer can be ruthless if they choose to attack your farm’s produce in our landscape. They would only need a few nights to finish ingesting all the leaves on a whole piece of land. People who live in areas where these animals are numerous have a difficult task of dealing with these animals. Most people usually wonder which plants would probably survive severe attacks from the deer.

It is difficult to state a clear answer to which plants would survive a deer attack. However, with a lot of research being done, researchers have found out a number of plants that they refer to as deer resistant. Nevertheless, deer feeding habit change with season. Thus, we can classify plants into;

  • Severely damaged crops

These can be termed as the deer favorite meals. The deer would ensure that none of the twigs remains. They will choose these crops before any other.

  • Occasionally severely damaged crops

If the severely damaged crops are out of season, these plants fall second in the ladder of priority.

  • Seldom severely damaged crops

A deer jumps for this plants if the occasionally severed damaged crops were out of stock.

  • Rarely damaged

If all the other types of crops lack, the desperately jump for these plants to keep them from severe hunger. Experts suggest that you can these plants as deer proof.


How to protect your plants from deer attack

Living in an area where these deer are in large number can be worrying. Nevertheless, there are numerous methods to keep them away from your homestead. One of them is fencing. However, one should understand that deer are high jumpers. The most effective way to use fencing as deer proof, is to move the least resistant crops nearer to your home and fencing the area. Plant the deer resistant food further from your homestead. This will keep the deer away because reaching their favorite meal is impossible.

Deer have a tendency of damaging the trunk of weak premature trees. Therefore, a good chicken fence would come in handy in this case. This will make it hard for the deer to reach the weak trunk using its antlers.

In addition, you can spray repellants to the plants regularly. However, this repeated task can be tiring for some. Thus, the most common way of dealing with deer is planting deer resistant crops.

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