30 ways you have never considered for using wood ash

30 ways you have never considered using wood ash

30 ways you have never considered using wood ash

16. Ash repels lice, ticks, and fleas from pets. Make a paste of ash and vinegar and spread it over the fur for a slightly messy but very effective treatment.

17.  By adding ash to stored clothing, you can repel clothing moths without the nasty smell of moth balls. Safe for years, ash covered clothing can simply be shaken off and washed when ready for use.

18.  Through a somewhat involved process, lye is used to make soap.  lye is used to make soap.

19. With a mix of clay, ash, salt, lime, and rice rind, people in the Middle East create “Immortal eggs”, a form of preservation that lasts for many months.

20. Sodium Carbonate, a popular household cleaner, can be made out of ash.

21. Ash can be used to melt ice with its high salt content.

22. Charcoal collected from ash is a popular filter material.

23. Blurry wine can be filtered through charcoal.

24. You can use charcoal to filter drinking water.  charcoal to filter drinking water

25. In metal bins, charcoal can be used to remove humidity from basements, cabinets, and under sinks.

26. An application of ash can quickly extinguish a fire.

27. A layer of ash is often used to protect and preserve food by deterring insects from stored seeds and produce.

28. It can be used in wounds, to kill bacteria and promote healing. This is done by melting homemade soap in lye water and rinsing a wound with it.

29. You can preserve your fruits and vegetables for days or even years by digging a hole in the ground and filling it with ash. Add your vegetables and fruit, ensuring enough space between them so they don’t touch each other or the soil. Seal the hole with a piece of wood and let it be.

30. Rennet, a key ingredient in most cheeses used to be preserved by placing it inside an animal horn, topping it with ash, then sealing it with mud and suspending it from a tree. That process could help rennet be usable for years.

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  1. dampen a cloth and dip in ashes and it will remove black off of the glass doors of the fireplace.

  2. Ash can be used to create a glaze surface on ceramics above cone 6.

  3. Ash screened and sifted to remove chunks of charcoal or any nails / staples that may have been in the wood is an excellent way to absorb spills and stains like motor oil, transmission fluid, antifreeze, etc. off of asphalt and concrete, absorbs better than cat litter. Apply sifted ash powder generously to cover spills or stains on asphalt, sidewalks, drives, garage or shop floors and allow a little time to absorb (you will see it darken as it works). Scrub the ashes with a broom to loosen clumps and work it into the surface, and stir and spread the ash over the area until all of the ash has darkened and stops absorbing. Sweep up the spent ash, apply more and repeat as necessary until ash powder stops absorbing. Ash powder can be mixed or selected by color and be lightly applied and swept on once the spill is gone to hide and blend away any remaining discoloration and restore the look and dull luster of the affected surface making old, deep or tough stains invisible. If desired detergents, degreasers, or other agents can be applied and worked in to break up stubborn and soaked in residue or discoloration, then absorbed with ash. Spent ash can be placed back into the fire and used again when the absorbed materials are burned or evaporated out. (Caution should be taken not to breathe the fumes, and ash laden with flammables will flash when burned). Keeping buckets of sifted ash in the garage or shop ready to go is an effective way to quickly clean up fresh spills before they stain, soak into, or damage concrete, as petroleum products and other chemical spills will break it down if left on or soak in, and ash will eliminate slip hazards from spills as well.

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