20+ Household Uses for Hydrogen Peroxide

20+ Household Uses for Hydrogen Peroxide (page 2)

20+ Household Uses for Hydrogen Peroxide

Wash Fruits & Vegetables:

Spray Your fruits and veggies with hydrogen peroxide and then let them soak for around a minute or two before rinsing in clean water to remove dirt, wax, and other contaminants.

Brighter Bowl:

Simply pour hydrogen peroxide directly into your toilet bowl and let stand for 20-30 minutes. The peroxide will disinfect and bleach stains away while you wait! Finish with a quick scrub from a toilet brush.

Cleaner Air:

To clean your humidifier from the inside out, combine a pint of peroxide with a gallon of water and run it through.

Stain Stopper:

You can easily beat tough blood or red wine stains in clothing by pouring hydrogen peroxide directly on the stain, letting sit a few minutes, then rinsing in cold water. Keep in mind peroxide is a mild bleaching agent, so use only on light clothing or test in a small area first.

Pit Stain Stopper:

To effectively erase underarm stains on your shirts, combine one part castile soap and two parts hydrogen peroxide, apply to stains, and let sit for one hour. Rinse the clothes in cold water then run through the washing machine as normal.

Cuts and infections:

Soak your cuts or infections  for five to ten minutes several times a day. Even gangrene that would not heal with any medicine has been healed by soaking in Hydrogen peroxide. Put half a bottle of hydrogen peroxide in your bath to help rid boils, fungus or other skin infections.

Clean Your Refrigerator:

Spray hydrogen peroxide around the inside of your refrigerator and let is soak for a few minutes. Then wipe away with a clean cloth to remove food and disinfect.

Bleach Alternative:

The manufacturing process to make chlorine bleach releases toxic dioxins into the environment. You can banish bleach from your home and instead replace it with hydrogen peroxide. Simply soak light-colored laundry in peroxide, rinse with cold water, then run it through the washing machine as normal.

Get rid of acne and boils:

If you have acne or boils, you may be able to help speed up your natural healing process by applying a little hydrogen peroxide to the infected sites.  It will act just the same way it does on wounds, helping to kill the unwanted bacteria and cleanse the area.  Just as with wounds, you do not want to overdo this so apply just once a day.  If you apply to your acne or boils more than this, you will kill the good bacteria too.

Cutting Board Cleaner:

To sanitize your kitchen cutting boards, spray them with hydrogen peroxide, allow to bubble for a few minutes, then rinse and wash with soap and water.

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  1. The Manufacturing of chlorine bleach does not release dioxins, you are getting confused with with its use in the paper manufacturing industry.

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