16 Plastic Bottle Hacks for Survival

16 Plastic Bottle Hacks for Survival

16 Plastic Bottle Hacks for Survival
photo: SensiblePrepper youtube

Most people like to be prepared for anything, regardless if it is an emergency or something small. When the time comes, nothing is more inconvenient than not having everything you need. In order to avoid this, it is best to have materials that can perform a variety of functions. This way, you can carry less while accomplishing more. One such item that you should know about is plastic water bottles.

It may seem odd but plastic water bottles come a lot handier than you realize. Before getting to know other bottle functions, you should know how they relate to situations.

What do Plastic Bottles have to do with Anything?

Plastic bottles, like a water bottle, can serve multifunctional purposes that are important for survival hacks. These different functions make them a top candidate to take with you when you are going on a hike or to have stored in your car or home. It may be challenged to try to figure out the other functions plastic bottles can have apart from carrying liquids or small foods like beans. However, this video can show you sixteen hacks plastic bottles accomplish.

What did the Video Say about Plastic Bottles?

The main goal of the video is to provide viewers with reasonable survival hacks that may need to be used one day in a time of emergency or for convenience. A plastic water bottle was chosen because it is an everyday item that most people do not pay enough attention to. However, there are multiple functions of a water bottle which makes them an ideal candidate to have in your car or emergency bag. Take a look at some functional capabilities you can get from them.

First, the water bottle can be cut into a spoon to use for eating. Burning off the edges of the spoon helps to make the new project sturdy. It can also be used as a liquid holding cup when trying to work on your car. There are sixteen interesting plastic bottle life hacks for survival that you can enjoy.

16 Plastic Bottle Hacks for Survival

16 Plastic Bottle Hacks for Survival

Can Watching the Video Benefit You?

It never hurts to know more information. This is even truer when it boils down to survival. This video was created to help you use that forgotten water bottle rolling around on your car’s floor. The video also does provide you with visual presentation on how to properly perform the water bottle habits.

Why Use A Plastic Water Bottle?

Reusing materials is practicing recycling which is setting a good example for eco-friendly habits. They are also average, easy to get materials that do not cost a lot of money. Being able to access them almost wherever and whenever makes them a reliable resource to have. Not to mention they are shown to be dependable on the other purposes they can serve.

Finally, when they are worn down and no long able to meet requirements, plastic gets recycled. This further supports good recycling habits. Although they are not indestructible, plastic bottles are also reliable.