WD-40: Not Just for That Squeaky Door

WD-40: Not Just for That Squeaky Door

WD-40: Not Just for That Squeaky Door

It’s not often that one gets into a conversation about that can of WD-40 that you have sitting up on a shelf in your garage or kicking around in a junk drawer in your house. Because, really, what do you use it for? To fix that squeaky hinge or to help loosen that rusted over nut on that bolt you need to take out.

Then it goes back to the shelf or into the drawer to be forgotten about till you need it again. But hold on a second before you do that because that little can of lubricant can do much more than you think it can and this just so happens to be a list of many of those odd little uses you would have never thought to try. Though it should be kept in mind that these uses are outside the designs of the product and are used “At your own risk”. Now with that out of the way let’s take a look at what else WD-40 can do to make your life a bit easier.


tea stains
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Believe it or not WD-40 is one versatile cleaning agent as part of its design is to get under dirt, grime, and grease.

1. It can easily remove crayon off of walls and other surfaces with an application to a sponge or flannel cloth.

2. Some WD-40 on a sponge will wipe away tea stains easily.

3. For those unlucky enough to have a pen explode in their pants pocket simply spray, wait a minute or two and then rinse.

4. Did you get your brand new shoes covered in mud? Spray them down and wait, then watch as you’re able to slide the mud right off.

5. Well you stepped on some chewing gum, but don’t worry some WD- 40 and the gum can be pulled right off.

6. Someone forgot to put the cap back on the toothpaste tube and now the sink is stained but thankfully WD-40 has that covered as well.

7. If candle wax or glue has fallen onto your carpet get a can of WD-40 out and spray it. Let it dry and then take a sponge to it for easy removal.

8. When driving around, you’re bound to hit some bugs with your windshield and some just don’t want to come off. By spraying WD-40 onto them it can help quickly remove them.

9. Bathroom floors can often be the dirtiest places in the home with dropped mascara, nail polish or paint from a renovation spotting the tiled floor. But those can be cleaned as well with the spray.

10. It can also get rid of the ugly oil stain in the middle of the driveway from a leaky car.

11. Glue, or perhaps a ring stuck to a finger will slide off with some WD-40 but be sure to wash your hands right after.

12. It helps remove sticker residue off car windows.

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