10 Natural Mouse Repellents

Natural Mouse Repellents

10 Natural Mouse Repellents
10 Natural Mouse Repellents

Mice always tend to enter human properties, most likely as they look for food. And in some cases when they become very comfortable, they end up infesting the property and living there. Things like having lots of garbage and a lack of cleanliness can attract mice, and as you can imagine it’s difficult to remove them from any place. Which does bring the question, what kind of mouse repellents can you use? You don’t want to kill them, just push them away from your home. Here are some great ideas!

Peppermint Oil

Peppermint Oil
Peppermint Oil

Mice dislike Peppermint Oil and the best thing is that you can pour some in important locations like your kitchen. Once you do that, it becomes a lot easier to manage everything and you will be much happier with the results. Of course there are tricky situations when it comes to dealing with mice, but Peppermint Oil is definitely one of the better options to consider. Once mice end up smelling it, they will go away.

Potato Flakes

Using Potato Flakes as a deterrent is a great idea and it’s also a pet-friendly method. The great thing here is that you just have to add some mashed potatoes in a disposable container, place it there and then the flakes will make the mice feel unwell. It won’t kill them, but it definitely leads to an unpleasant experience that ends up making them not coming back to your home, that’s for sure.

White vinegar

You can also go with white vinegar if you want to have a very good mice repellent. This one is great because it ends up being very powerful smell-wise and obviously mice don’t like that at all. You can pour some on cotton balls and then you place those in locations where you want to keep mice away. The kitchen and maybe even the bathroom can be a great place, or even your living room. Rest assured that mice dislike this kind of stuff, so you really want to find the best approach when it comes to using such a compound.

White Distilled Vinegar
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Moth balls

Believe it or not, moth balls are actually a great solution if you want to keep mice away from your home. You just have to place them in a container or two, and then you are good to go. People love this type of approach because a mice repellent like this will just deter the mice and not kill them. It’s still a very good way to deal with them and in the end the benefits can be very good. Yes, it’s definitely a challenge, but one of the better methods to deter mice from staying in your home.


Again, anything that has a very powerful smell can actually keep mice away. Ammonia is a prime example because it has a very powerful smell to the point where it will push them far away from your home. Another cool thing here is that ammonia has a smell similar to the mice predator urine, so obviously they will try and move away as fast as possible from your place.

Use powerful sprays

There are plenty of sprays that mice dislike quite a lot. Those can be hot chilies, spicy sprays and so on. As long as it has a very powerful smell and one that’s not pleasant, it might actually be a great mice repellent. So it all comes down to experimenting and seeing what works and what will give you the best possible results. In the end, you just want to ensure that it works properly and that nothing will stand in your way.


Onions – Photo by form PxHere

Another mice repellent would be onions. There’s no denying that mice are known to have a very sensitive sense of smell, and a powerful one at that. So obviously when you use something that has a very powerful and bad smell, it will push mice away. That’s why onions are a great mice repellent because they will end up keeping them at a distance. However, this also means it will be quite bad for animals with a sensitive smell, such as dogs or cats. Which is why you want to ensure that you replace them from time to time, as they are known to rot really fast. Still, this is a great solution to consider and something to think about.

Kitty litter

Another one that works great as a mice repellent would be kitty litter. We both know that cats and mice are mortal enemies. If you place the cat litter near the place where you know there are mice, then they will smell the urine and move away. Needless to say, they won’t stay near their mortal enemy, so that’s actually a great thing in a situation like this.

Mouse droppings
Mouse droppings

Copper wool

It’s interesting to note that rodents are not able to pull out or cut the copper wool. Because of that, many consider copper wool to be a very good mice repellent. Yes, it’s not going to work all the time depending on how you use it, but it still offers you some incredible benefits.

Dryer sheets

If there’s one thing that mice can’t stand, that would be the smell of dryer sheets. Using them can be one of the best ways to eliminate mice from your home. You do need to add these dryer sheets to those places where you are suspecting mice to call their home. Once you do that it will be a lot easier to eliminate problems and keep mice away.


We highly recommend using mice repellents because they work great and can help more than expected. Of course this is not a simple approach, but the thing that matters is to repel them with any products you can. Thankfully, these products and items listed above are a great mice repellent, and it’s very helpful if you start using them right away. As soon as you do that, it will be a lot easier to push mice away from your property!