How To Easily Remove Scratches From Your Car

How To Easily Remove Scratches From Your Car

How To Easily Remove Scratches From Your Car
How To Easily Remove Scratches From Your Car

We all encounter scratches on our vehicles, whether they are placed by our children or careless people at the grocery store. There are several ways to remove scratches from cars permanently without heading to the body shop.

While there are many different types of scratches you can get, a clear coat scratch is the most common. There are hundreds of ways you can get a clear coat scratch. Someone walking by could bump into your vehicle. Your dog might jump on the door. Your child might lean against your car with their zipper. Clear coat scratches are common and, typically, easy to fix!

5 Easy Steps to Remove Scratches

Clean Scratch

First, take a spray bottle with soapy water and a clean, microfiber towel. Tags can scratch so remove the tag first. Spray the scratch and wipe it down. If it disappears, you know that you have a clear coat scratch.

Tape Scratch

Place painter’s tape above and below the scratch. It can be hard to see the scratch you are working on, so this helps to define the area better. You don’t want to lose sight of it. Put the end of the tape at the end of the scratch. You are going to move this tape out further with each step.

Sand Scratch

Does your fingernail catch in the scratch if you run it over the top? If so, start with 3,000 grit. If not, you can a 5,000 grit sandpaper. You want to rub against the grain of the scratch. Make sure the pressure is evenly distributed. Try wrapping it around a kitchen sponge. Spray down the scratch and the sandpaper. Then, run up and down perpendicular to the scratch for 10 to 15 seconds.

You want the scratch to be almost gone! You might have to spray the scratch a few times to make this happen.

Move the tape up a bit because the area will be hazy. Switch to the 5,000 grit. Redo the process of spraying the sandpaper and area. Sand in a circular motion instead of up and down.

Polish Scratch

Now you need to polish the area! The polish should say that it is good for scratches. Clean the area. Use a clean microfiber towel and apply the polish. Spread it out onto the extended areas, working it well.

Buff Scratch

Paste wax works the best for this stage! The wax protects the clear coat and fills in any micro-scratches. This step is simple. Wax on in a circular motion. Allow the wax to set for a minute, then wipe the wax off. At this point, you won’t be able to tell what area had the scratch.

The products for these steps are easy to find in your house or at the store. Most are relatively cheap, much cheaper than having a professional fix the scratch. These simple five steps work for clear coat scratches. If the scratch extends into the paint underneath, you will need a different process to remove them. Now, get to work!