Dollar store Christmas Ornament Wreath

Dollar store Christmas Ornament Wreath

Dollar store Christmas Ornament Wreath

Have you been Christmas décor shopping lately and seen the cost of decorations? Are you sick of over-paying for poor quality products that only last one season? Want some holiday décor for your home but can’t spare the extra cash? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then this do-it-yourself video is for you. Instead of paying for overpriced pre-made decorations, get in the Christmas spirit by making your own dollar store Christmas wreaths for a fraction of the cost. The best part is that the entire wreath can be made from extra materials that you may have lying around in your house. And if you don’t have the materials at home, as the video will show you, all you need is a few dollars, a trip to the dollar store and you’re ready to create your own Christmas décor.

What is the video about?

Do you need inexpensive ideas for Christmas decorations? This video has a great idea to provide you and your family a fun project that you can also use to decorate your home. The video is an in-depth, step-by-step tutorial on how to create a Christmas ornament wreath for cheap. The host begins the video by showing you what your own dollar store Christmas wreath will look like when you complete it. After demonstrating a few finished wreaths, she continues by explaining exactly what you will need to make the wreath: a wire coat hanger, round Christmas ornament balls of various sizes and colors, and some colorful ribbon to tie a bow. Finally, for the remainder of the video, she gives an in-depth, step by step tutorial on how to assemble the wreath.

Why should you make your own dollar store Christmas wreath?

Do you have extra unused Christmas decorations lying around collecting dust? If you do, this wreath is an excellent way to reuse and recycle those extra, unused Christmas decorations. Also, making your own decorations can save you big money and provide a way to spend time with family and friends. As the video host points out, these wreaths can be made in quickly in an afternoon.

Why should you watch the video?

Why pay big money for Christmas decorations when you could make them yourself? Well, this video shows you exactly how to make wreaths for you and your friends without spending much money. The simplicity of the wreath makes it a great Christmas craft for families with children. Why should you spend money on expensive decorations that you could use for gifts for others? It explains the type and size of ornaments to find and all the other materials that you’ll need to purchase.