How To Build A Solar Furnace for Under $50

How To Build A Solar Furnace for Under $50

How To Build A Solar Furnace for Under $50

Those who are looking for alternative ways to heat their homes are loving the idea of a solar furnace. Solar furnaces don’t have to be pricey! You can make your own for $50 or less if you have some DIY skills and extra time to spare.

How Does a Solar Furnace Work?

There are no special tricks to how a solar furnace works. They work by focusing the sun’s rays on a reflector. It is the same idea as catching paper on fire with a magnifying glass, which we all did as kids!

You decide what type of reflector you want to use. Windows and mirrors are popular choices. The reflectors generate heat from the sun’s rays, which can lead to high temperatures inside of the furnace. The heat generated by the reflectors can be used to melt metal, create electricity or heat a room!

How to Build a Solar Furnace for $50

Let’s take a look at the simple steps you need to build a solar furnace for under $50.

– Purchase some black plastic from the store. A roll is around $5. The measurement you want may vary, but 3 feet by 5 feet is a great choice.

– Get cheap window panes at the store with aluminum frames. These panes are less than $5 each. Don’t go fancy!

– Next, you need to cut the black plastic to fit behind the windows. Do that before you attach the panes to the lumber.

– Then, you need lumber to build a frame. You can either cut it yourself or ask where you get the lumber to pre-cut it for you to save time! Nail the frame together and line the windows up on the windows on the frame. You can attach with nails, screws or glue. The entire frame should be windows.

– Attach the black plastic on the back of the windows and prop the frame up next to your home. Select a place near the window where you want to put the pipe.

– Cut a circle out of the top of the wooden frame and purchase a curved piece of PVC pipe. Attach with screws to the top of your frame. Then, run a plastic pipe from the furnace to your window. You might need another curved piece!

– Then, line the inside of the frame with dryer hose and spray paint it black. Make sure you fill the space the most you can and attach it to the top of the hole in the frame.

– Last, put two small intake valves to take cold air out of the house and lead them back to the solar furnace. Put the large pipe in the window and cover up the open window with wood or plastic.

That’s all you need to do! Solar radiation will hit the unit and heat up the cold air that you are removing from your house with the intake valves. Then, the hot air will come back into your room with the large pipe you installed. You can expect your room to be several degrees warmer!