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7 Essential Oils to Battle Bugs, Insects and Pests

7 Essential Oils to Battle Bugs, Insects and Pests

7 Essential Oils to Battle Bugs, Insects and Pests

  • Pine:

Pinecones have been used for decades as a mosquito repellant, so pine essential oil works just as good! It can also be used to repel fleas and ticks. Pine essential oil is a natural alternative if you want to avoid any harmful chemicals. To use pine to battle back bugs and insects, apply some diluted oil to your skin.

  • Lavender:

It seems like there is nothing lavender cannot do! The first thing you might think about when you think of lavender is relaxing and inducing sleep. The lovely floral scents are soothing, but you can use it to effectively battle bugs as well!

You might want to be careful if you have a bee problem since lavender can attract bees. However, lavender is effective for repelling mosquitoes. Many people find lavender pillows and sachets to keep moths out of their dressers and cupboards. If you leave lavender oil in a saucer, you will find that it helps keep ants away!

  • Basil:

Basil essential oil is one of my favorite choices for ear infections, but it is also an ideal choice for summer insect control. People who live in a wet climate and near lakes and ponds find it particularly effective. Basil is powerful as a mosquito repellant, but it also is known to be an uplifting essential oil. Who doesn’t want to have a mood boost while beating back bugs?


  • Peppermint:

Peppermint is another multi-purpose essential oil, and who doesn’t love the minty smell? Many people swear that it works great for ants, beetles, flies, lice, moths, spiders and more! Just like lemongrass, the smell is typically the deterring factor.

One of the most effective ways to use peppermint is on exposed body parts with a natural spray you create. Leave cotton balls around your house or where the pests might be hiding.

  • Thyme:

We all need a bit more thyme in our life. If you have trouble with houseflies, thyme will become your best friend. You can try a room spray or set out dishes out the oil throughout the house to help keep the houseflies at bay. Diffusing is also effective!

How to Use Essential Oils as a Repellant

Now you know what essential oils to use, but that doesn’t totally solve the problem. How do you practically use them in your day to day life to repel the bugs? There are several things to try!

  • Make a homemade spray and carry it with you, typically with water and witch hazel.
  • Make a lotion bar with the essential oils of your choosing.
  • Create your candles that will repel a variety of insects and bugs.
  • Diffuse throughout your house.

There is no need to use chemical sprays when there are plenty of natural choices! Try one or a blend of these essential oils together to create a bug and insect battling spray. It may take more than one time to find the perfect blend for you!

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