30+ Alternative Uses For Old Garden Hoses

30+ Alternative Uses For Old Garden Hoses

30+ Alternative Uses For Old Garden Hoses

Like everything else in the world, garden hoses have a limited lifespan. After a few years of use, hoses get flat spots, develop leaks, get dry rotted… In short, they wear out. While the first thought may be to take your old garden hose out to the dumpster, there are a lot of reasons you may want to hang on to it a bit longer. Following are more than thirty creative things you can do to get some new life out of your old hose.

Landscaping Guide:

Old hoses can be great visual aids for helping you plot out where to put a new flower or landscape bed. Simply lay the hose out and experiment with different curves and patterns before you start digging or planting.

Flower Bed Protector:

Run old hose along flower beds to protect your precious plants from the weed eater.

Protect New Trees:

If in your new landscaping you have young trees that need to be staked and supported, thread the support wires or ropes through a few pieces of old hose to prevent damage to trunks and branches. You can also skip the rope all together and just use a length of hose around stakes and trunks. The hose is flexible enough to give when the wind blows without cutting into the delicate bark.

Garden Chairs:

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Weave lengths of old hose in a pattern and nail to the frame of an old wooden chair or bench to repurpose both into a functional piece of garden art!

Bucket Handle Grips:

A 5-6 inch length of hose can be split and slipped over the wire handle of a bucket for extra cushioning. You will thank your worn-out hose every time you pick up a full bucket!

Comfort Handles:

Similar to bucket grips, lengths of old hose can be put over ropes or handles to make lifting heavy objects and containers easier on your hardworking hands.

Blade Protector:

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Make covers for your saw blades, chainsaw, knives, or ice skates with your old hose. Just cut the hose to the length of the blade and slit down the side so that it can be slid over the blades.

Swing/Child Protector:

To keep your little one’s fingers safe during play, thread the chains of your swing set through a few feet of old hose.

Kids Toys:

If your kids like to play the old-fashioned telephone game, a string and cans has NOTHING on the sound quality of an old hose with a funnel taped to each end!

Dog Toy:

Sliced up into short pieces, a hose can make great chew and tug toys for your best friend. You can also stuff treats inside to keep your dog occupied when guests are over. Just make sure the lengths are manageable but not a choking hazard.

Bumper and Door Protection:

By screwing a few lengths of hose to your garage framing at the level of your car bumper and doors, you can help prevent dings and costly repairs. This also works great to provide a little extra cushion to boat docks.


Crimp or cap the end of an old hose and drill small holes in the desired length. This makes a great way to water underneath a row of bushes or flowers to keep the soil moist. Just drain the hose in winter where freezing may be an issue.

Giant Level:

To plot out the building of structures like greenhouses and patios, you can take a large hose, attach a 3-foot piece of clear vinyl to each end and fill with colored water. In effect, this turns an old hose into a giant level.

30+ Alternative Uses For Old Garden Hoses

Earwig Trap:

To rid your garden of Earwigs, place 6-inch pieces of old hose around your garden. The small, dark space attracts the earwigs, and they can easily be dispatched by shaking the hose over a bucket of soapy water to drown them.

Tool Hangers:

By screwing a few loops of hose large enough to accommodate tool handles to a board in your garage, you can create orderly storage solutions with little more than your old neglected garden hose!

Faucet Extension:

If you’d like to have an outdoor spigot away from the home, simply bury a length of hose about 4 inches deep and have it pop up wherever you like.

Funnel Extension:

Add length to your favorite funnel by simply putting it through a section of your old hose.

Snake Scarecrows:

Keep birds away from your garden by creating fake snakes with 1-2 foot sections of old hose laid out in “S” patterns around the ground.

Gutter Cleaner:

if your down spouts become clogged with leaves or debris, just snake an old piece of hose up to the clog and give it a few pokes to dislodge the blockage.

Curved Sanding Blocks:

To get into tight curves where a typical sanding block doesn’t do much good, try wrapping a piece of sandpaper around a length of split garden hose. Works great for trim and crown molding.

Makeshift Door Stop:

Just cut a length of hose, squeeze flat, and jam under a door or gate. It will expand and help hold the door or gate open.

Kiddie Pool Drain:

To drain your kids’ pool and water the garden at the same time, use a length of old hose to siphon and control the flow of water.

Towel Saver:

Attach sections of old hose to pool fences to give you a spot to hang towels and robes without them getting snagged.

Garden Crafts

Basket – Wire lengths of hose together to make a custom basket for gardening.
Wreath – Wind hose into a wreath and then dress it up with other worn out items like old gloves or tools for a great garden shed decoration.
Flowers – Screw loops of hose to a board as flower petals and add leaves and a stem. Get creative with paint and different patterns!

 Garden Tool Grips:

Cut lengths of hose, split down one side, and wrap around the handles of rakes and other garden tools. Secure with hose clamps at either end.

Tomato Cage Guards:

Wrap old hose lengths around the tops of tomato cages to prevent those painful scratches you tend to get all over your arms while tending to your tomatoes.

Patio Coasters:

Glue lengths of old hose around the bottom of planters and pots to avoid scuffing your patio. As an added benefit, the extra elevation can also help bottom-draining pots.

Yard & Driveway Accents:

Paint old hose with glow-in-the-dark paint, then use them to outline walkways, driveways, or fences for neat night time decorations.

Rain Saver:

Cut down on your watering time and expense by using a braid of 2-4 old hose lengths running from your gutter down into your flower beds.

Fire Pit Rainbow:

Cut hose into pieces, place inside old lengths of copper pipe, then throw the sticks into a bonfire. The combination creates bright green, blue, pink, and purple flames. While the colors are beautiful, the fumes are not good for you so avoid breathing them. After the fire is out and the copper pieces are cool, simply push in another length of hose and use again and again!


Six inch lengths of hose make great makeshift hinges on old barn, shed, and greenhouse doors.