20 Creative Uses for Toothpaste

20 Creative Uses for Toothpaste 

20 Creative Uses for Toothpaste

Toothpaste is one of those substances you have probably never thought of much. Its purpose is spelled out in its very name… it’s a paste to clean your teeth. In reality, though, the mild abrasive qualities and germ and odor fighters in the average toothpaste make it a no-brainer cleaner for a lot of items around your home!

Hand Deodorizer:

The odor fighters and mild abrasives in toothpaste make them a great cleaner for smelly hands. Simply use toothpaste as you would ordinary soap to leave your hands minty fresh!

Hand Deodorizer

Shoe Renew:

To Clean and brighten rubber parts of sneakers, just bust out an old toothbrush and some non-gel toothpaste. Scrub on with a little water and wipe away the residue with a damp cloth for cleaner sneakers.

Clothes Iron Cleaner:

I haven’t found a cleaning method more effective for cleaning the buildup off an iron. Simply apply toothpaste to the iron when cool, scrub with a rag and rinse away the gunk!
Diamond Ring Polish: Simply brush your ring as you would your teeth (only use an old brush, of course). The result will be a sparkling diamond and setting if you rinse properly. No need to floss.

Iron need cleaning
photo credit to dreamalittlebigger.com

Baby Bottle Refresher:

Every parent knows that smell… sour milk… emanating from your precious baby’s food source. To remedy, just put a little toothpaste on your bottle brush and scrub as normal. Rinse thoroughly before reuse.

Crayon Cure:

Is your baby getting a little more mobile now, and decorating the bottom few feet of your walls with crayon marks? Fret not… toothpaste, a scrub brush, and a minimal amount of elbow grease will remove the stains in short order. Clean up residue with a damp towel.

crayon marks?

Lipstick Stain Stopper:

I’m not interested in how you got lipstick stains on your clothing, that’s your business! 😉 My business is telling you that a dab of toothpaste rubbed vigorously onto the stain and rinsed will make it as though it was never there.

Wash Away Watermarks:

Honestly, why don’t people use your coasters? It doesn’t matter… toothpaste can get rid of marks left by sweating beverages when gently rubbed on with a dry cloth, rubbed off with a damp cloth, and followed up with your regular furniture polish.

Beach Tar Buster:

Black, gunky feet after a day at the beach can be a bit of a nuisance. Removing it is easy, however. Just wash your feet with some non-gel toothpaste, rinse, and dry.

Piano Polish:

In the same way that toothpaste shines up your pearly whites, it has a great and gentle cleaning effect on the ivory of piano keys. This simple technique even works on the dingy yellowing of modern plastic piano keys.


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  1. I Really liked (The 20 creative uses for toothpaste,) especially the one that takes scratches off mobile phone screens. I wanted to read page 2 of what you can do with toothpaste, I clicked on everything that I could and it would still not come up.

    I sure would like to read that second page.

  2. Toothpaste IS an ABRASIVE!!! BE CAREFUL with soft materials and glass, diamonds, plastics anything that can be scratched!!! Ammonia like Windex work well without scratching!!