13 Amazing Uses For Epsom Salt

13 Amazing Uses For Epsom Salt

13 Amazing Uses For Epsom Salt
13 Amazing Uses For Epsom Salt

Epsom salt is one thing I always have on hand at my house. Aside from being a fantastic source of magnesium, you can find dozens of other ways to use Epsom salt throughout your house. It has gardening, beauty, health and even household uses. The bags you purchase won’t go to waste!

Before we dive into the many uses of Epsom salt, it is important that I tell you table salt is not the same thing. Epsom salt is also not Himalayan salt. These salts are traditional sodium-based salt. Epsom salt, on the other hand, is a magnesium-based salt known as magnesium sulfate.

Most people lack this crucial mineral. Our food and environment sources don’t contain as much magnesium as before. So, finding ways to use Epsom salt in your daily life is wise! Here are some of the best ways to use Epsom salt!

The Uses of Epsom Salt

1. Bath Soak

Bath Soak
Bath Soak

My favorite way to use Epsom salt is soaking in a hot tub! People have been soaking in Epsom salt baths for centuries. The high magnesium content makes it a lovely experience.

All you have to do is add a cup of Epsom salt into your bath water. You might want to add a few drops of your favorite essential oils as well.

2. Say Goodnight Kids!

We all want our kids to go to sleep without a fight. Magnesium helps the sleep process! You should consider adding Epsom salt into your bedtime routine as often as possible. That might mean sprinkling some in their bath or spraying them with a homemade Epsom salt spray. Some people create a lotion with Epsom salt and massage their kids before bedtime!

3. Removing Splinters

Small Cuts and Splinters

If you have a wooden deck or children, it would be wise for you to learn this trick. Splinters happen to everyone, and they are miserable.

To help the removal process, make a solution of warm water and Epsom salt, with plenty of salt! Let the area with the splinter soak for at least 10 minutes. Then, remove the splinter. It makes the process easier and reduces the pain.

4. Make Your Grass Greener

Grass Greener
Grass Greener

Who doesn’t want the greenest grass on the block? If you do, Epsom salt is for you. It works by adding iron and magnesium to your soil. All you need to do is add two tablespoons of Epsom salt to one gallon of water. Use a garden sprayer to spread it around your lawn. Make sure it soaks in well!

5. Clean Bathroom Tiles

Bathroom tiles can get a grungy, dirty look after some time. To get rid of this grunge, mix equal parts liquid dish soap and Epsom salt. Then, put it on the dirty areas and scrub. You will watch the Epsom salt scrub away the grime and dirt.

6. Headache Relief


Magnesium is said to help get rid of headaches and even migraines. If you get headaches regularly, it could be because you’re suffering from magnesium deficiency. There are several ways to use Epsom salt to get rid of headaches, such as a creating a spray or creating a magnesium lotion. You can also soak in a nice bathtub with Epsom salt.

7. Sunburn Relief Spray


Even the most cautious person will experience a sunburn or ten in their lifetime. Sunburns are harmful and painful. It can happen when we are trying our best to be cautious. So, when the inevitable sunburn happens, try creating an Epsom salt sunburn spray.

All you need is two tablespoons of Epsom salt in one cup of water. Make sure it is cool water. Add a few drops of lavender essential oil and spray on the affected area. You are going to love the immediate relief!

8. Face Cleanser

Face Cleanser
Face Cleanser

With Epsom salt, you can make your face cleanser, perfect for your nighttime routine. Mix ½ TSP of Epsom salt with your normal cleansing or facial cream. Massage into your skin and then rinse with cool water.

9. Skin Exfoliate

Sometimes, your skin needs to be exfoliated! Instead of purchasing an expensive exfoliating product at the store, all you need is some Epsom salt. Take a handful of Epsom salt and gently massage it over your wet skin. You can use this for any part of your body. It works particularly well on feet, but you can use it wherever you want! Make sure to rinse off!

10. Constipation Cure

Constipation is miserable and a topic that no one enjoys discusses. If you read the bag of Epsom salt, you will see that it tells you that it is a laxative because of the high magnesium content. It could be used as a liver and gallbladder flush, but it is perfect for those situations when you are constipated and need some relief.

To make it work, all you need to do is follow the directions on the package. If you are apprehensive, check with your doctor!

11. Slug Be Gone

Slimy slugs

Are slugs overrunning your garden? Salt, really any type, deters slugs, but Epsom salt is the most effective choice. Epsom salt also helps to improve your soil, so it packs an extra punch. All you have to do is sprinkle Epsom salt around your garden, concentrating on the areas with the largest slug issues.

12. Remove Burnt Food

If dinner didn’t go as planned, you might have pieces of burnt food stuck on your pots and pans. We have all done it! Put ¼ TBSP of Epsom salt on a sponge and scrub all those burnt areas. Use warm water to rinse. Your pot will be good as new!

13. More Productive Garden


Who doesn’t want a garden that grows bigger and larger quantities of produce? We all want a garden that produces more! To use Epsom salt to increase production, add 1 TSP into a gallon of water and spray your plants every week or every other week. This trick works best for peppers, tomatoes and other plants that create blooms.