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White Vinegar Is A Great Cleaner – Here Are 17 Ways It Can Clean Up Your Home

White Vinegar Is A Great Cleaner –

Here Are 17 Ways It Can Clean Up Your Home

White Vinegar Is A Great Cleaner
White Vinegar Is A Great Cleaner

Make Your Own All-Purpose Cleaner

When you are ready to give up chemical cleaners, vinegar is the first choice. If you want scented cleaner, soak citrus peels, such as lemon or orange, in a jar of white vinegar. Allow them to set for at least two to three weeks. Then, strain out the peels and use as an all-purpose cleaner.

Take Off Crust from Shower heads

Take Off Crust from Shower heads
Take Off Crust from Shower heads

Even though the shower head keeps us clean, they get funky fast. You might notice white or green crud on it. That is the last thing you want spraying over your body. Soak the shower head in vinegar and water. If it isn’t detachable, you can put the mixture in a bag and tie around your shower head.

Clean Your Refrigerator

To help get rid of odors and grime in your refrigerator clean with warm water and vinegar. It is a powerful combination. The grime will melt away.

Clean Off Sink and Taps

Sinks and faucets tend to collect grime and dirt pretty easily. It is gross and seems impossible to remove unless you have the right trio. Baking soda, vinegar, and a toothbrush is your triple-action solution. Put the baking soda on the grime and dip an old toothbrush in vinegar. Then, scrub away the grime. It will melt right away. Vinegar also will shine up your sink.

Buttermilk Replacement

Don’t have any buttermilk to make buttermilk biscuits? Don’t worry; white vinegar is here to save the day! Simply add one tablespoon of vinegar to a cup of milk. Let sit for several minutes, then use in your recipe as you normally might.

Remove Sweat Stains

Don’t let perspiration stains ruin your favorite white shirt ever again. Use an old toothbrush and scrub vinegar onto the area. You can also use a paste of baking soda and vinegar, allowing the paste to set for at least an hour. Then, wash as you normally would.

Kill Weeds

Natural Weed Killer

Instead of using toxic weed killers near your kids and animals, opt for a natural method. Spray full-strength white vinegar on the weeds, ideally on a sunny day.

Shine the Scissors

It’s amazing how much grime and gunk develop on scissors. They’re just scissors, but you’ll notice that they don’t work as well. Wipe down the blades with white vinegar. You can soak for a short period, but make sure you rinse off well and then dry. They’ll look brand new and won’t stick.

Clean Stinky Sponges

Sponges are a breeding ground for bacteria and odors. Think about how we use them! Don’t toss out the sponges; they can last for a long time! Soak your sponges in water and ¼ cup white vinegar. Let them soak for 10 to 12 hours before rinsing out.

Freshen Your Washing Machine

Freshen Your Washing Machine
Freshen Your Washing Machine

You would think that washing machines are fresh because they always have soap in them. However, washing machines also encounter a lot of mess. Vinegar is the perfect cleaner to wipe your washing machine down. Also, add at least 2 cups of vinegar and run a full, hot cycle. That will help keep everything deodorized!

Shine Your Hardwood Floors

Avoiding non-toxic cleaners on your hardwood floors is ideal. You might sweep and dust often, but they still need to be mopped. ½ cup of white vinegar in a gallon of warm water is an effective way to clean your hardwood floors. Your floors will be cleaned, and your kids won’t be rolling on a floor covered in chemicals.

These 17 ways are just some of the things you can use vinegar for throughout the week! There are dozens of other applications. We would love to know how you use white vinegar! Share in the comments.
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