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The Most Cost Effective Vegetables To Grow

The 10 Most Cost Effective Vegetables To Grow

10 Most Cost Effective Vegetables To Grow

Spring is here and you might be thinking of planting something new in your garden. Most vegetables can easily be bought at your local grocery store, but if you have them in your own garden it becomes a great way to save money. Although after huge research on cost effective vegetables to grow we came to know that it is not the matter of just saving money but it’s that better lifestyle that you can enjoy.

Before starting work in your garden it is important to make list of all the veggies that you and your family prefer to eat because only those will be worth growing as this will cut your grocery cost as you will not need to buy them from the grocery store. Here is a list of the most cost effective vegetables that you can grow in your garden:

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 Tomatoes: Tomatoes are the most common ingredient in a lot of recipes so we always need them in large amounts. At the grocery stores, they usually range anywhere between $3 to $5 per pound so if you grow them in your garden it will be a big cost cutting factor. Tomato plants are very easy to grow, as they need a small amount of space and can produce quality fruit even in harsh conditions. Small numbers of plants are able to produce large quantity of tomatoes as they grow in bulk on every plant. To get ripe and healthy tomatoes in your garden, it is good to plant them in a sunny spot. When you have picked them, they are easy to store because they simply need to be at room temperature to stay fresh.

ilovebutter via flickr
ilovebutter via Flickr

Zucchini: It is also called a Cucurbita pepo and most people love to grow them in their gardens because how delicious they taste. They are easy to grow and a single plant can produce a good amount of mouth-watering squash. Zucchini plants need approximately 2 inches of water per week so you must be prepared with your own sources of water if you do not have much rain during the spring/summer period.

Swiss Chard
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Swiss Chard: It is the most popular plant for home gardening because it can resist all seasonal changes. It can grow in hot as well as cold weather and possess rich nutrition. It can be used in a salad, can be boiled or cooked; many delicious recipes of swiss chard are available online that you can easily try at home. One of the amazing features of this vegetable is that it can be easily transplanted wherever you want to take it.

Pole beans
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Green beans: They are available in great variety of shapes, size, flavour and colour with unique growing habits. They can be grown easily in any climatic condition and will lead to a great way to save money because they always seem to be very expensive at the grocery store. Pole beans and push beans are two common examples; both of them are easy to grow and take up a small amount of area.

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