How to Paint Your Countertops to Look like Granite

How to Paint Your Countertops to Look like Granite

How to Paint Your Countertops to Look like Granite
How to Paint Your Countertops to Look like Granite

Granite is a beautiful addition to any kitchen that instantly makes the area feel as if you invested a lot of money. It gives a modernized feel that many homeowners want, but not everyone has granite in their budget.

Luckily, you can still get the look of granite by painting your countertops. All you need is one of the awesome granite countertop painting kits on the market. Here are the steps that you should follow for the best results.

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1- Make sure you THOROUGHLY clean your countertops. The primer won’t stick to dirt, and it can cause the paint to chip off. You want your counters to look as nice as possible, so take the time to scrub them and make sure you dry as well! Using scouring pads is a great idea to get off bits of food that might be stuck.

2- Next, tape off anything that you don’t want to get painted with painter’s tape. That means you should tape off around any of your appliances, the back of your countertops, and around your sink. It can be hard to remove the paint once you get started!

3- It’s time to get started with the primer. Most kits come with a black primer that you apply first on the countertops. You want to have a small, foam paintbrush and a small, foam painter roller. Foam works best for this application.

4- Evenly apply a thick coat of primer over your countertops. Read the instructions on the box of granite countertop paint that you purchased. Each brand will have different recommendations for how long to allow the countertops to dry. You might want to let them dry overnight!

5- Once dried, it’s time to start applying the different colors to create the granite look. To create the effect, you use a natural sponge and randomly blot the paint over the countertop, making sure to use a varied pattern. The kit you use might suggest a specific order of colors to create different looks, so refer to the box! Try rotating the sponge for a varied, speckled look that resembles granite.

6- Change colors as you go, creating layers of colors. As you get to the top of the color, try adding some diagonal, speckled line with the darker color to mock the natural veins created in granite. You might also want to try using a small, artist brush to add little veins of the black primer.

7- After you created the look you love, leave the countertops to dry.

8- Once dried, it’s time to apply the first layer of sealer. You want to do this slowly and carefully to avoid any bubbles or streaks.

9- Let the first layer of sealer to dry, then apply the final layer of sealer to the countertops. Once it fully dries, your new “granite” countertops are ready to go!

That’s all it takes to create the look of granite countertops. Why spend thousands of dollars when you can have beautiful counters for less than $200! You’ll love your new kitchen upgrade.