How to Build Self Feeding Fire That Lasts 14+ Hours

How to Build Self Feeding Fire That Lasts 14+ Hours 

How to Build Self Feeding Fire That Lasts 14+ Hours

Pretend you are on a camping trip. Whether it’s to fight the cold or ward off nocturnal animals, you decided that the campfire is going to last all night. Smart choice but the requirements for up keeping a long fire is going to wake you up more than once throughout the night. If you want to find a better solution, you should look into a fire that lasts for fourteen hours or more via self-feeding.

Is There Really a Self-feeding Fire that Can Last All Night?

You heard it right! Can you imagine a fire that not only lasts for fourteen hours or more but also accomplishes this by itself? Usually, a process goes into keeping a fire going. Weather conditions play a role. So does the burning and fuel material. Don’t forget that you have to keep an eye on it to keep it from dying out! Now, that’s all in the past thanks to this self-efficient fire. Are you curious to know what the video had to say about it?

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What Did the Video Say About a Self-feeding Fire?

Not only does a self-feeding fire look like a lot of work but it does take a lot of effort and the video will tell you that! Thankfully, the video describes how you can build a self-feeding fire. Although it takes effort, it is fairly simple. Next, the demonstrator will tell you how you are supposed to continue on once the initial skeleton is created. This includes adding additional materials and getting the fire started. The video describes how you can get the best airflow and why it is important too. Lastly, the video will give you hourly reports of how the fire is working.

If You Want A Self-Feeding Fire, Why Should You Watch this Video?

Do you know how to build this monster fire and start it? I didn’t think so. Fire is not something to play around or experiment with! If you are very serious about trying out a self-feeding fire, you need to make sure that you have it properly built and controlled. Failing to do so can result in a fire that does not last like it is supposed to or even worse, an uncontrolled fire. Taking a little bit of time to watch this video help you make sure that you not only keep you and your surrounding area safe but also that the fire will burn all night light it is supposed to do. Besides that, a lot of useful tips are shared that can help make this whole process a lot easier for you. Finally, watching this video will prove to you that it really works!

Why Would You Even Need a Self-feeding Fire?

Fire is extremely important, whether it be for camping purposes or actual survival situations. Having a self-feeding fire will keep you warm, safe, provide light, and give you a way to cook food and boil water for filtered drinking. A self-feeding fire will save time and effort!