Uses for Honey You Never Thought Of Trying

16 Uses for Honey You Never Thought Of Trying

16 Uses for Honey You Never Thought Of Trying
16 Uses for Honey You Never Thought Of Trying

Honey has been revered for thousands of years. We know that ancient Egyptians valued honey. The famous Cleopatra soaked in honey and milk baths. Over the years, people have found uses for honey you never thought of trying.

Everyone knows that honey is a food made by bees using nectar from flowers. It’s full of hidden nutrients and medicinal value. Honey is like a sticky, liquid gold, loading down with antibacterial and antifungal properties. Not many things stand up to the test of time, but honey has stood up for thousands. 

If you love honey, here are some more ways to use it. 

16 Uses for Honey You Never Thought Of 

  • Clean Your Cuts and Scrapes

Honey has antiseptic, antimicrobial, and antibacterial properties, so it acts like a natural version of a triple antibiotic ointment. You don’t need to reach for Neosporin if you have a cut. Instead, use honey as a treatment for many types of wounds. 

Clean Your Cuts
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  • Make DIY Balm 

Honey is one of the main ingredients for a yummy DIY lip balm. All you need is honey, beeswax, and almond oil. When combined, it makes a sweet, moisturizing lip balm that heals cracked and dry lips. Plus, it’s cheap to make. 

  • Heal Burns 

Did you burn your hand on the stove? Instead of reaching for aloe, reach for some honey. It is soothing and has antibacterial properties that make it great for any burn. You can even put a thick layer of honey over the burn then wrap it with a layer of gauze. 

  • Make a DIY Honey Moisturizer

Use honey to make a moisturizer, especially if you have some other sweet-smelling herbs. Warm the honey in a saucepan until it turns into a liquid consistency. Then, pour the honey over the herbs, capping tightly. Let it sit for a week. Mix one teaspoon of the liquid into an 8-ounce bottle of unscented lotion. 

Honey Moisturizer
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  • Eat It With Goat Cheese 

Looking for a simple snack? Add goat cheese into a bowl. Sprinkle honey and chopped walnuts over the top and bake at 350℉ until the cheese and honey are soft. Then, serve this with crackers. 

  • Stockpile It

Preppers understand the honey is a valuable commodity now. So, in the event of a disaster, honey is going to be even more expensive. Stockpile it as much as possible. It can be used for trading purposes one day! Honey can be stored for years. 

  • Add it to Your Tea and Coffee

Instead of white sugar, use honey to sweeten your tea and coffee. It is liquid and significantly sweeter than sugar. So, you might have to try a few different cups to get the right ratio there. 

16 Uses for Honey You Never Thought Of Trying

16 Uses for Honey You Never Thought Of Trying
16 Uses for Honey You Never Thought Of Trying
  • Get Some Energy

Eating honey gives you a burst of energy, and we all need a burst of energy sometimes. You don’t need energy bars or drinks. Instead, take a few tablespoons of honey before your next jog or workout. Honey has been proven at effectively boosting athletic performance. 

  • Kick a Hangover

Everyone has been there at one point in their lives; it’s never fun. Instead of taking an Ibuprofen, you can take some honey on toast or add some into your cup of morning coffee. It works as a hangover remedy because it’s full of fructose, which speeds up your metabolism, kicking the hangover faster. 

Kick a Hangover
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  • An Easy Facial 

Did you know that honey is a natural humectant with antimicrobial properties? That means your skin will be happy if you use honey on it. All you have to do is mix a dollop of honey and a few tablespoons of water. Then, massage this into your skin. Plus, your skin will smell delicious. 

  • Soften Your Dry Skin

Another interesting fact about honey is that it’s an excellent exfoliant. You can combine it with lemon juice and ground almonds for a homemade facial scrub, or get creative and make your facial honey scrub. 

If you have dry skin, such as on your elbows, you can add honey on your skin to soften it. Leave it on your skin for 30 minutes. Then, wash it off. Your family is bound to love it as a skin treatment option. 

  • Try Eating a Honeycomb 

This one definitely is a bit weird. Most people would never consider eating honeycomb, but we only leave once, so give it a try. You can find hundreds of YouTubers eating honeycombs to provide you with some encouragement. Who knows; you might find your newest favorite snack. 

Eating a Honeycomb 
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  • Use on Your Ends of Hair 

Another way that you can use honey is by adding it over the ends of your hair. Coat the ends of your hair with some honey, and let it sit for a few minutes before rinsing it back out again.

Doing this treatment works in a few ways. It helps to decrease frizziness and adds an extra layer of conditioning. You can even make your hair shinier by mixing one teaspoon of honey to one quart of water. Pour it over your head and let it dry. Now your hair shines and reflects as you want! 

  • Mix It in your Bath Water 

Remember Cleopatra took honey and milk baths. So can you! Just add a few tablespoons of honey into your warm bathwater. It makes the water smell sweeter, and it will leave your skin feeling softer. 

Mix It in your Bath Water 
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  • Make Homemade Cough Drops

Everyone knows that honey helps kick a sore through to the curb. You can use honey to create homemade cough drops. Making cough drops is easy and involves cooking the honey down with some other herbs. You can even make lollipops instead of cough drops – whatever works for you! 

  • Use it to Preserve Fruit 

Some people are now preserving fruit in a honey sauce rather than canning it or replacing sugar in jam and jelly recipes for canning. If you want to preserve your fruit in honey, take one part honey to ten parts water. Cover your berries with this mixture. That’s all you have to do!