16 Simple, Effective, and Natural Poison Ivy Remedies

16 Simple, Effective, and Natural Poison Ivy Remedies

16 Simple, Effective, and Natural Poison Ivy Remedies
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9. Oatmeal Bath

A tried and true remedy for rashes and itches of many kinds, an oatmeal bath can also be an effective treatment for poison ivy. Simply cook up a thick but small batch of oatmeal and, once cool enough, apply directly to the itchy area. For a full-on bath, grind down the oats so that it can be easily distributed in the water. Then, fill a thin cloth with the ground oats and let the water run through the bag from the faucet or let a few bags steep in your bath before you hop in. Soak and enjoy.

10. Epsom Salts

A natural healing solution, epsom salts are great when it comes to drying out and soothing itchy skin and rashes. Simply find some at your local health store and add the crystals to a warm bath. epson salt also has many uses for your garden if this is something you would like to read more on try this article called How to Use Epsom Salt in Your Garden

11. Aloe Vera

Another known rash and burn soother, aloe vera is a great treatment for poison ivy. Simply buy some gel at your local health store or better yet, invest in your very own aloe plant from which you can pick leaves and enjoy the fresh source of aloe which oozes out. Apply directly to the rash for optimal anti-inflammatory and antibacterial action.

12. Rubbing Alcohol

If you are returning back to camp from a hike and notice a bit of poison ivy rash starting to form, grab some rubbing alcohol to prevent the spread of the rash. It’s always a good idea to take a small vial of rubbing alcohol with you on a hike, as it can be a handy item for cuts and wounds as well. The powerful effect of rubbing alcohol on poison ivy rashes is a general soothing and slowing down of the discomfort. If you are looking for other uses for rubbing alchol why you have a bottle at hand you will want to check out one of our other articles called  40 Amazing Uses for Rubbing Alcohol

13. Witch Hazel

This treatment is another common one to have around the house. Simply dab a little witch hazel onto the rash, and enjoy the benefits of itch-relief and cleansing.

14. Lemon Juice

Another great disinfectant is lemon oil. Simply grab a lemon and squeeze out a little juice directly onto the rash. The juice is effective in cutting through to the toxins and removing them from your pores. After you have used the lemon juice why not chekck out one of my other articles called 10 + Ways To Use Leftover Lemon Peels

15. Water

If you’re on the trail and notice a rash coming on, find yourself a stream or pond and run some water over the affected area. While this won’t necessarily be powerful enough to remove the toxins from your skin, it will likely stop the spread and minimize the severity as well as draw out excess moisture in the skin.

16. Cold Compress

One of the worst effects of poison ivy is the itch that accompanies the rash. If you or one of your children has an irresistible itch, keep the danger of infection and deeper wounds at bay by applying a cold compress to the area. This will blunt the itch as well as take care of any inflammation which has occurred.

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